2017 Next Call of Duty could be Call of Duty Stronghold or Lethal Combat

Recent strikes from video game voice actors around the world has revealed potential names of upcoming gaming titles.

The voice actors are striking over pay increases and have revealed a list of projects effected by the strike. Most importantly, the next Call of Duty has been revealed as Call of Duty Lethal Combat. The project is also being referred to as Call of Duty Stronghold.

The names suggest a lot of potential settings, however Sledgehammer revealed last year that they where working on a Vietnam war setting but it was scrapped to make Advanced Warfare. So this could be a potential setting.

It would be epic to return to the gritty Vietnam war era with current gen graphics and special effects. A historical or current times settings seems quite plausible due to the backlash Infinite Warfare received for being set in the sci-fi future. All COD fans can do is hope.