AMR9 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the AMR9 in Advanced Warfare!

The AMR9 is a 5 round burst Assault Rifle in Advanced Warfare. It is the first SMG in COD history to come with the ability to use an underbarrel attachment.

The AMR9 is relatively weak compared to other weapons in it’s class. For example, the AMR9 is in no way a contender for the ASM1 or the KF5. It takes about 4 to 7 bullets to kill an enemy at close range to long range respectively. Making it the weakest SMG in the game. Being a burst weapon it naturally has good accuracy but even with that the player might have to hit an enemy with two or more bursts for the kill. The recommended attachments for the AMR9 are Advanced Rifling for longer range engagements, Quickdraw and the Red Dot Sight for more accurate ADS. The Iron Sights can be annoying at the times.


Best Variants.

The Best AMR9 variants are the Dynamo and the Pro Pipe, both Elite variants. The Pro Pipe being the best of the two. The Dynamo adds 2 points to Fire Rate and 1 to Mobility and takes 1 from Damage, Accuracy and Range. The Pro Pipe variant adds 2 to Damage and takes 2 from Fire Rate. It also comes with an integrated Grenade Launcher.


Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 33-16 or 4 to 7 shots to kill.
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x.
  • Rate of Fire: 920RPM.
  • Burst Delay: 0.167s.
  • Recoil: Low.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – AMR9 Stealthy

This class is for the Stealthy ones. The AMR9 is kitted with the Red Dot Sight, Suppressor and the Quickdraw Grip. Low Profile as Perk 1, Cold-Blooded as Perk 2 and Blast Suppressor and Scavenger as Perk 3. Exo Overclock to get you moving around faster and the MP443 Grach in case you don’t have time to reload. Scorestreak here is the UAV with Speed and Orbital modules active.




Class 2 – AMR9 Never Die.

This class is for those that like to stay alive a bit longer. The AMR9 is loaded with Rapid Fire, Advanced Rifling and the Quickdraw Grip. Perk 1 is Lightweight, Perk 2 is Peripherals and Perk 3 is Scavenger and Toughness. The Exo Ability used here is Exo Stim which will help you stay alive longer. Scorestreaks are the Orbital Care Package and the XS1 Vulcan with Overcharge for a wider beam when fired.

AMR9 Never Die

Class 3 РExplosive Troll

This class is just for fun and to be down right annoying. Grenade Launcher and the Stock on the AMR9. Crossbow as a secondary. Perk 1 you have Danger Close to increase your chances of getting kills with your explosives, in this case the Grenade Launcher, Crossbow and 1 Semtex in the Exo Launcher which is also a grenade launcher. ¬†Fast Hands as Perk 2 so you can take out the Crossbow faster and Hard Wired to keep you protected from EMP, System Hack etc. In Perk 1 you also have Overcharged to give you some extra time with Exo Hover. It’s recommended not to move while using it because this will drain the battery too faster.

AMR9 Explosive Troll