ASM1 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the ASM1 in Advanced Warfare!

The ASM1 is a Sub Machine Gun featuring in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It is described as “fully automatic, firing over time increases accuracy and lowers fire rate and has the best in class Damage”. The Recoil is quite moderate on the ASM1 and using a Foregrip is not entirely recommended. However, I use it on each class for that extra accuracy. The Hip fire is great as can be expected with most SMGs but using a Laser Sight attachment with this gun turns it into a Hip Fire God. I can literally go the whole game just Hip Firing people, it’s quite effective when clearing Hardpoints/Flags. The Magazine size is a healthy 45 rounds and with Extended Mags you get a whopping 67 rounds in a clip, not bad! I found the Aim Down Sights quite clear on the ASM1 and never felt a need to use a sight attachment.

At the moment the ASM1 is a beast of a Sub Machine Gun and is creating a lot of a stir in the community over whether it should be Nerfed or not. Before the latest Advanced Warfare patch, which nerfed the Bal 27 and Buffed the SMG’s including the ASM1, it was “Bal of Duty”. Now it looks as though it’s “ASM1 of Duty”. Seriously, you will see every second or third person using this weapon. But what can you do? We ask them to Nerf guns that are too strong, we ask them to Buff guns that are too weak. Where is the happy medium?


Best Variants.

The best ASM1 variants are the Strider, Speakeasy(both Elite) and Reckless(Professional). The Strider adds 2 to Range and 1 to Damage while sacrificing 3 to Accuracy. The Speakeasy adds 2 to Fire Rate while sacrificing 1 to Damage and Range, it also comes with integrated Extended Mags making the ASM1 resemble a Tommy Gun, Sweet! Finally the Reckless variant adds 1 to Fire Rate and -1 to Handling but comes with integrated Rapid Fire.

Weapon stats/technicals.

  • Damage = 35-18 or 3-6 shots to kill. 3 shots to kill up close and 6 from a distance.
  • Headshot Multiplier = 1.1x.
  • RPM = First 3 shots fire at 800RPM the rest at 720 RPM.
  • Normal Reload/Fast Reload = 1.50s/.95s.
  • Raise/Drop times = .95s/.553s.

Source: Drift0r.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – Favoritism is ok.

This is my favorite class with the ASM1. Advanced Rifling turns this gun into a long range beast. The Magnitude variant already adds 2 points to Range so combined with Advanced Rifling turns this gun into a killing hose. I like to use the Grip for added accuracy and control at long range. The Laser Sight works wonders on this gun and really makes the Hip Firing so easy. This class is very effective in TDM and Objective based games like Momentum and Hardpoint. The Hip Fire and Gung-Ho allows you to fire while running into the objective and clearing it out as quickly as possible. Lightweight and Exo Overclock work wonders combined. The Perk 3 slot doesn’t really matter as much but I like to use Hardwired to keep the System Hack off the screen.

Asm1 fav class



Class 2 – Search and Annoy.

This class set up is more simple, just the Foregrip for added accuracy. I use Lighweight for rushing to objectives, Peripherals for a bigger HUD and added Stealth. Perk 3 is my favorite combination of perks. Blast Suppressor is very important in game modes like Search and Destroy. People rely very heavily on the HUD so they’re always looking out for that red circle on the map. Again Hardwired for protection against System Hack. I go on about that a bit too much don’t I? I like using the Exo Trophy System in Search because rush routes will always be stunned second time around, if the enemy knows what they are doing.

ASM1 fav class 2



Class 3 – The Brave Defender.

This class is for holding down flags and protecting objectives. I use the Laser Sight for quick hip fire kills and the Foregrip for picking off enemies from a distance and for that added accuracy. I like to run Low Profile and Flack Jacket especially in Dom when defending B flag. I’m one hidden from UAV’s and two protected from explosives. I like to run Cold Blooded because it keeps me immune to enemy Call outs. If you are playing anyone with half a brain they will know to listen out for Call Outs. Oh no, not Hard Wired again! Yes, System Hack just really annoys me ok. Dont judge! The Exo Trophy System is a great combination with Flak Jacket when stuck inside a Hardpoint or Objective and being rained on with grenades and stuns.ASM1 fav class 3