Atlas 45 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the Atlas 45 in Advanced Warfare.

The Atlas 45 is a Semi Automatic pistol in Advanced Warfare with best in class Handling. The gun has a moderate Damage rating and will kill with 2 to 3 shots up close if hit above the chest. The recoil is low on the Atlas 45 and as mentioned before the pistol has best in class Handling.

Recommended attachments for the Atlas 45 are the Akimbo attachment, it really adds some fun to using the pistol. The laser sight is also really effective up close with this weapon.

Best Variants.

The best Atlas 45 Variants are the Flogger(Professional) and the Atlas 45 Woo(Professional). The Flogger adds 1 to Fire Rate and takes 1 point from Range, this variant also comes with an integrated Red Dot Sight. The Woo adds 1 to Fire Rate and takes 1 point from Accuracy, this variant comes with integrated Akimbo and the player cannot equip an Optical Attachment. These 2 variants are considered the best because they add to the weapons Fire Rate and over all fun when using the pistol.


Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 52-25, 2 to 4 shots at close to long range.
  • Damage Multipliers: 1,4x Headshot.
  • Rate of Fire: 800RPM/ 750RPM with Akimbo.
  • Recoil: Low.

Best Classes.

For all classes below, the player chooses the Primary weapons.

Class 1 – Atlas 45 Akimbo.

Here the Atlas 45 is loaded with the Akimbo attachment. Perks used here are Lightweight, Gung-Ho and Blast Suppressor and Toughness. Exo Ability is the Exo Mute Device.

Atlas 45 Akimbo


Class 2 –  Atlas 45 Tactical.

Here the Atlas 45 is kitted with the Tactical Knife. Perks used here are Flak Jacket, Peripherals and Scavenger. The Exo Ability is the Exo Trophy System.

Atlas 45 Tactical


 Class 3 – Atlas 45 Suppressed Killer.

This class is nice if you like to be sneaky. The Atlas 45 has Suppressor and Laser Sight equipped for accurate and quiet kills up close. Perks here are Lightweight and Low Profile, Fast Hands and Toughness. Exo Ability here is Exo Overclock.

Atlas 45 Suppressed Killer