Black Ops 3 Hardpoint Locations and Rotations – All maps covered

Stronghold HP1

UPDATE: 11/4/16: Infinite Warfare has landed, here you can find the Infinite Warfare Hardpoint Locations and Rotations.

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Below is a list of the Black Ops 3 Hardpoint Locations and Rotations for each map. The list features Hardpoint Locations and Rotations for Combine, Evac, Hunted, Stronghold, Metro, Infection, Havoc, Fringe, Breach, Exodus, Aquarium and Redwood.

Black Ops 3 has finally landed, now you can know the Hardpoints from launch, enjoy.

UPDATE: 2/19/16: We now have the Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC Hardpoint Locations and Rotations HERE.

UPDATE: 12/26/15:  All maps have been reviewed. Corrections have been made to Fringe, Combine, Stronghold, Breach, Evac, Hunted and Exodus. We have also added Nuk3town hardpoint locations and rotations.

ATTENTION: The small game settings updates seem to be changing the Hardpoint Rotations slightly. We are consistently reviewing them to make sure they are correct. If you notice anything wrong let us know in the comment section below. Thanks.

Combine Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Combine map layout


Evac Hardpoint Locations and Rotations


Evac map layout

Hunted Hardpoint Locations and Rotations


Hunted map layout

Stronghold Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Stronghold map layout


Aquarium Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Aquarium map

Breach Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Breach map layout














Exodus Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Exodus Map

Fringe Hardpoint Locations and Rotation

Fringe map


Havoc Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Havoc map


Infection Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Infection map

Metro Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Metro map

Redwood Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Redwood map

Nuk3town Hardpoint Locations and Rotations

Nuketown hardpoint locations and rotations

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