Black Ops 3 modding and mapping tools Open BETA now available

TreyArch has announced the open BETA for the Black Ops 3 modding and mapping tools is now available. Earlier in the year they had a closed Alpha program for the modding and mapping features where members of the COD PC community where invited to participate and test it out. Lots of work and updates has boiled down to today which marks the launch of the Open BETA program.

Here is what TreyArch said about the Open BETA:

“The Open Beta will include an Unranked Server Browser that will allow users running mods to connect to each other’s custom game lobbies.  The Unranked Dedicated Server files are still under development and their intended release is currently TBD. You can explore maps/mods created by the community in the Steam Workshop. There you can see some of the content developed during the Closed Alpha”.