Blunderbuss Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the Blunderbuss in Advanced Warfare!

The Blunderbuss shotgun in Advanced Warfare is a single shot, muzzle loading shotgun. It fires 18 pellets from one shell. To put this into perspective all other shotguns in the game fire 8. The Blunderbuss is best used in close quarter combat because of its slow reload speed and the very wide hip fire spread. According to Drift0r, the weapon has very similar stats to the Tac 19, so if you’re fond of using the Tac 19 this gun will feel somewhat familiar to you.

Recommended Attachments for the Blunderbuss are Advanced Rifling to help you get more one shot kills from range and Quickdraw to help you aim down sights faster.

Weapon stats

  • Damage(Per Pellet):¬†50-30-10 at close, medium, long range.
  • Headshot Multiplier:¬†None.
  • Rate of Fire: 11RPM. Very slow.
  • Range: Close to Medium

Best Variants

The best Blunderbuss variants are the Culverin(Professional), Dragonfire and Handcannon(both Elite). The Culverin adds 1 point to Damage and Accuracy and takes 1 from Handling and Mobility. The Dragonfire adds 1 to Damage and Mobility and takes 2 from Handling. Finally, the Handcannon adds 2 to Accuracy taking 1 from Damage and Mobility. See below!

Class 1 – Tough sneaking

This class is used for keeping off the radar as much as possible when getting around. The Blunderbuss is kitted with Quickdraw, Stock and Advanced Rifling. Perks are Low Profile, Gung-Ho, Fast Hands, Toughness and Blast Suppressor. Your stun grenade will help you out of a sticky situation.

class 3 blunderbuss


Class 2 – Lightweight Blunder

This is a great class for fast paced gameplay and going on them long scorestreaks. Here the blunderbuss is fitted with Quickdraw, Stock and Advanced Rifling. Perk 1 is Lightweight, Perk 2 is Blind Eye, Perk 3 is Toughness and Scavenger. Exo Overclock works great with Lightweight. Scorestreaks are UAV with mods and System Hack with mods also.

class 2 blunderbuss


Class 3 – Blunderbuss Culverin

This class is great for sitting back and being smart about your gameplay. Here the Blunderbuss Culverin is used with the SVO as Secondary. Perks used here are Lightweight, Overcharged, Blind Eye, Toughness and Blast Suppressor. Exo Overclock as the ability and a Stun Grenade in the Launcher. Scorestreak here is the UAV with mods.

Best class 1 blunderbuss