Bulldog Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the Bulldog in Advanced Warfare!

The Bulldog is a Semi Automatic shotgun featuring in Advanced Warfare. It has the fastest Rate of Fire in the Shotguns class. It is a great run and gun weapon because of its light weight and fast Fire Rate.

Recommended attachments are Extended Mags and Scavenger because of the low starting ammo. Advanced Rifling also works great to add more range to the Bulldog and the Laser Sight work even better when using the Bulldog to rush.

Best Variants.

The best Bulldog variants are the Face Hammer(Elite), Berserker(Professional) and the Breacher(Enlisted). The Face Hammer adds 1 to Damage and 2 to Accuracy taking 1 from Handling. There is no Optical Attachments allowed on this variant. The Berserker adds 1 to Damage and 1 to Handling, this variant has 2 less shells in the mag capacity and the player has 1 less reserve magazine. If using this variant, the player should use Extended Mags. The Breacher adds 1 to Damage and takes 1 from Range, when using this variant, the player should use Advanced Rifling to get back some of that lost Range.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 30-18 (x8).
  • Rate of Fire: 461 RPM.
  • Recoil: Medium.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Silent Bulldog.

This is a nice class for the silent defensive player. The Bulldog is loaded with Extended Mags, Suppressor and the Red Dot Sight. The secondary weapon is the MP443 Grach. Perk 1 is the Flak Jacket and Lightweight. Perk 2 is Peripherals, Perk 3 is Toughness. Exo Ability is Exo Trophy System and the Stun Grenade in the Exo Launcher.

Silent Bulldog

Class 2 – Bulldog Precision.

This loadout is great for all around game play styles. The Bulldog here is kitted with The Foregrip, Quickdraw and Advanced Rifling. Perk 1 is Lightweight, Perk 2 is Fast Hands, Perk 3 is Blast Suppressor and Toughness. Exo Mute Device as the Exo Ability and the Variable Grenade in the Exo Launcher.

Bulldog Precision

Class 3 – Bulldog Run & Gun.

This loadout is great when using the Bulldog for rushing. The Bulldog here is loaded with Advanced Rifling, Laser Sight and Stock. Perk 1 is Lightweight and Low Profile, Perk 2 Gung-Ho, Perk 3 is Scavenger and Blast Suppressor. Finally, the Exo Ability is Exo Overclock.

Bulldog Run&Gun