Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Trailer Review

So people, the release of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare trailer was revealed about 3 weeks ago and has racked up over 18 million views. By the way that’s just the official video from Call of Duty’s official YouTube website! Think of the amount of YouTube reviewers that have reposted the video giving their opinions. That’s over 6 million views a week, that’s impressive!

COD Ad warfare …Who’s excited for this BadBoy?!

I know some of you are itching for the release of Advanced Warfare on the 4th of November! I know I am, so I want to share with you some of the excited parts of the trailer I’m looking forward to the most!

COD Titan ..A cool shot of the Bionic-man suit!



Firstly, I’m delighted CoD had utilised some of the elements from Titanfall and put it into Advanced Warfare! Well that’s what it looks like so far anyway. Ill be doing another review after the games release and we’ ll see if I’m still delighted about this..! The bionic suits and free running technology looks sick and I hope this flows well in-game!

Here’s another cool shot of the bionic hands which allows your character to run up walls and free run…

COD Hands



Second Is the ability to be able to jump like your some sort of bionic cat whilst using this kick ass new suit they have developed.. kind of like a flying Robocop! It just makes me wonder again will this be carried over to multiplayer? What do you guys think?

COD jumping man…Look its Robocop on kryptonite!



Third is all the new drones and flying machines they have thrown in there to make it even more epic. I hope there will be a few flying missions where you get to blow shit up using one of them bad boys! CoD normally has similar weapons throughout most of their releases bar a few differences probably from developer preferences and such. What do you guys think that weapon is in the picture? It looks like an AR anyway? Leave your suggestions in the comment box?

COD Dude jumping of Heli



Fourthly and finally, the graphics. The graphics in this new CoD look absolutely epic and it always makes the game more enjoyable if there’s flawless scenes and colourful visuals. Like I mean look at the oul usual suspect, Kevin Spacey as he makes his speech about American democracy  throughout the trailer!

COD Kevin Spaceyjpg You could nearly PhotoShop your face in there to make it look like you met him, I mean come on! Look what they can do with today’s gaming technology!

Please leave any comments below if you have any thoughts about the new trailer or any questions you would like to ask me?

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  • dragon89

    cant wait for this, wonder will the new exo skeleton suits be any good?

    • admin

      Ye Im sure they will, lets just wait and see wont we 🙂