Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Map Layouts: All Multiplayer Maps!

Combine map layout

The Black Ops 3 BETA was very impressive. The gameplay felt like Black Ops 2, gun sounds are reminiscent of Black Ops 1, you can really hear that loud, raw hammer cocking sound each gun makes, anyway we’re going off point.

Below is a list of all the maps layouts in Black Ops 3. Clans and competitive teams can use these map layouts for their own use. A reference and shout out would be great. We also have the Hardpoint Locations and Rotations for each map here.


Combine Map Layouts

Combine map layout


Evac Map Layouts

Evac map layout


Hunted Map Layouts

Hunted map layout


Stronghold Map Layout

Stronghold map layout

Metro Map Layout

Metro map

Infection Map Layout

Infection map

Havoc Map Layout

Havoc map

Fringe Map Layout

Fringe map

Breach Map Layout

Breach map layout

Exodus Map Layout

Exodus Map

Aquarium map layout

Aquarium map

Redwood Map Layout

Redwood map
Redwood map