Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Tips: Free for All

Call of Duty Ghosts: Free for All Tips by Codifornia!

Lets talk Multiplayer and in particular lets talk Free for All. To some its scary, to others its all they play. I myself play it a lot and there is nothing better than coming toe to toe with another player with one or two kills left for the win. Its exciting, frightening and fast paced, just like CoD should be! Anyway don’t mind my rant! You are here because you want tips on how to improve your Multiplayer Ghosts Free for All game. I have put together these tips to help you get better at your game and bring to your attention parts of your game you could be neglecting. Lets be honest, in Free for All every second counts and having the correct set up and advice going into a game will mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Setting up your Soldier

FFA Soldeir

So this is probably the most important part of preparation! Deciding on the class set up! Perks, Equipment, Attachments and Killstreaks. So much to choose from with an endless amount of combinations. Well Ill try and narrow it down for you.




Lets start with perks

Firstly lets talk StealthOff the Grid is essential for me, why? It keeps me and you off the mini map (hidden from Sat-Coms). Its easy enough to get a Sat-Com in Ghosts and in Free for All nearly everyone will be using them. Dead Silence is another very important perk to use in Free for all, it makes walking, jumping and moving silent. This is very important because most players these days have headphones and they can hear your every move.


The Speed perks will be of high importance to you in Free for All. You will need to be quick because there will be an enemy spawning nearby indefinitely! QuickDraw allows you to Aim Down Sights (ADS) twice as fast so is very helpful in close quarter combat. Combine that with ReadyUp and you’ll be drawing your weapon at lightening speed. ReadyUp lets you draw your weapon faster after sprinting! Sleight of Hand is also very important and lets you reload faster! Finally, Stalker allows you to move faster whilst in ADS, this will be very helpful in medium to long range gun fights.


Another important perk in FFA is Scavenger. Scavenger is actually very important in Free for All because the last thing you want is to be running out of ammo during a Killstreak. Scavenger allows you to pick up ammo of a recently killed enemy player and replenish your primary and secondary ammo. ICU is another good one because you need to recover faster due to the fact that there will always be an enemy nearby. However, it is not essential!



Now on to Equipment

IEDs are essential in FFA because people are going to be constantly running around the map searching for others. They also allow you to hold down areas of the map by securing one entrance or direction. Similarly, Motion Sensors allow you to secure one direction by marking an enemy in orange if they step over or near your sensor. Concussion Grenades make it allot easier for you to slow down your enemy if they are running across the map.




Choosing your Killstreaks is an important aspect of FFA. I recommend going with the Strike package because they will get you the most kills and that’s what FFA is all about! The Sat-Com to reveal enemies on your radar, the GuardDog because he reveals enemies that are nearby by growling and attacking on sight. The IMS, Sentry gun and Battle Hind are also some of my favourites. They get you lots of kills and are relatively easy to get once your game starts to pick up!



Finally, Map awareness!

Areas boxed off: Choose one and hold it down

Yes this is the classic tactic in Free for All and it works great. Holding down an area of a map in FFA is essential to succeed, especially if your just getting used to FFA. I don’t mean camping in a corner, I mean patrolling one corner or area of the map! Using your IED and Motion Sensor as mentioned before to secure enemies coming from one side. This is also a reason why I use Sentry Guns, Guard Dogs and Battle Hinds as Killstreaks because I always hold down one corner of the map! Staying alert and responsive to everything I hear. Scavenger is also more effective if you are holding down one area because its effectiveness increases the longer your average lifespan gets! So its actually less effective for the rushy players who are more at risk of dying faster!

Thanks for reading and I know these tips will improve your game! Any suggestions leave me a comment please?

And always thanks for visiting!

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