Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Tips: Search and Destroy

Call of Duty Ghosts Search and Destroy Tips by Codifornia!

Today I want to give you guys some tips and strategies on how to improve your Call of Duty Ghosts Search and Destroy game. What a game mode it is! Fast paced, quick thinking and hard to master. For one, your only given one life per round, so if you’re smoked its over Kid! Sit it out watching your team mates do the hard work. It really is a grind but practice will make you better and once you get better at it you will love it! I love coming into a game 3 nil down and taking over and winning! It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does its a sick feeling. Or being the last one left on the map with 3 or 4 enemies hunting you! At the start its more scary than anything but once you get into it, its like “Bring it on fuckers”. In Search and Destroy the objective is to either defend or attack 2 bomb sites, A and B. As you can imagine this decides which strategy you will have going into a round. I will explain further with my Search and Destroy guide below.




Your Load-out or Class…

SnD loadouts


First you have to think about the preparation, as in what Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Perks and Killstreaks you want? Well I will give you a few tips on which to choose from and what ones work great with SnD.




What weapons to use depends on what map you’re on and somewhat on the type of player you are! Generally the maps in CoD Ghosts are larger so medium to long range weapons work great. Always have loadouts ready that’s suitable for smaller maps and ones that work better on larger maps. For long range maps I love the Remington R5, AK-12 or the Honey Badger. For the smaller maps, I suggest the Vepr, K7 or MTAR- X. If working as a team its good to have at least one sniper laying back watching rush routes or bomb sites. For secondarys I prefer the PDW or the 44 Magnum!





If you have played SnD you probably already know that a silencer works wonders. Why?, it keeps you off the radar when firing and players nearby are less likely to become alerted by your gun fire! In regards to what sight to use it comes down to preference. However, I recommend a red dot sight on the Remington R5 because the sights are quite cluttered! Honey Badger is not too bad and the AK 12 is fine without. I don’t recommend Red Dot sights on any of the SMG weapons accept the MTAR-X because it is quite cluttered also. For the SMGs a grip and Rapid Fire work nicely for killing quickly.





You will want to keep in mind that SnD is a stealthy game and that’s the way most players will be playing. Off the Grid, Dead Silence and Takedown are perks I would highly recommend. In regards to Speed perks I recommend using Ready Up, Agility and Marathon. Important Handling perks are On the Go and Quickdraw. Awareness perks which are important during SnD are Sit Rep and Amplify, Sit Rep is a very important one because IEDs and Motion Sensors will be everywhere, especially when you are attacking the bomb sites. Resistance perks that you should keep in mind are  Tac Resist and Blast Shield. They are very important in Search and Destroy because experienced SnD players will know the rush routes and nade spots. Ive found the Elite perk Ping extremely helpful in Search and Destroy. This perk sends out a sonar ping that reveals nearby enemies on the map. Something to keep in mind, you don’t really need Off the Grid in the first round of an SnD game because if your opponent gets a SatCom they’re generally not going to use it in the first. They will most likely use it if they are down 2 rounds and haven’t scored or they’ll will keep it for when its most needed!





Killstreaks you use in Search and Destroy are important. If you are rolling the Assault Strike Package, you will need a SatCom for one, Radar assistance is essential in SnD and it really helps your team a lot. IMS is a great one to place near a bomb your defending. Guard Dog, Trinity Rocket and Battle Hind also come in handy. Its good to stick to the low Killstreaks because starting off you’re probably going to die a lot but stick with it, you will improve! Rolling the Support Streaks with Hardline perks on is not a bad idea because SatComs can be achieved with one less kill along with other support streaks. Ballistic Vests and Night Owls are also good in supporting your team.





What kind of player are you?…

By playing the game more you will develop an idea of what kind of player you are. Put better, do you rush in to the action? Do you lay back and watch the bombs? Do you press forward but cautiously? If you are a rusher, SMGs and Speed perks are essential! You are going to want to get to a position on the map before somebody else does or get into their spawn quicker than they thought! The element of surprise is crucial while rushing and your SMG is essential in Close Quarter Combat. If you are a more cautious player and move slower you want to make use of the Stealth perks. Players who move slowly and cautiously tend to be the last left nearly all the time. So Stealth perks like Off the Grid and Dead Silence are more important for you!




Knowing the maps/ map awareness

SnD rush routes

You need to know the maps well if you want to get better at Search and Destroy. Every typical CoD map has 3 routes, the two sides and the middle. Every map has nade spots and rush routes that work best on each map. Nade spots are spots on the map where you can throw grenades and you will get kills if somebody is coming that route at the right time. Rush routes are obviously routes the rushers take to get in your face quickly. Placing IEDs and Motion Sensors here will prevent anyone going these routes un- noticed. Timing a concussion grenade is very effective on rush routes and it pisses them off too which is great! Always pay attention to rush routes! Players usually have one they go for the game so if you get killed there in the first round hold back and watch that area. You are guaranteed to catch them the next time and get payback! Here is list of the maps in Ghosts.




I hope these Search and Destroy tips will improve your game. I know they will if you keep them in mind and use them when you can. You should go now and set up a class for attacking and defending, remember to take your time starting off to get to know the maps more. Don’t rush into it at the start because you’ll find yourself dying more often than being alive and you will just get bored watching others play! Best of luck playing and leave your comments if you have anything to add?

And as always thanks for visiting!

  • These are awesome tips! In fact, I’m not sure I want to share them or keep them all to myself. Thanks for the information : )

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    I always use a silencer in SND its a must

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