Dingo Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the Dingo in Black Ops 3

Dingo Domination

The Dingo is a fully automatic light machine gun in Black Ops 3. The weapons fast fire combined with moderate recoil makes it a good choice for mid to long range combat.

The weapon kills in 4-5 shots giving it moderate damage for a Light Machine Gun. The Dingo’s best attribute among it’s LMG peers is it’s fast reload speed. LMG’s normally have a slow reload speed but this LMG has by far the fastest.

Recommended Attachments for the Dingo are the Quickdraw, Grip and Fast Mags.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 4-5 shots to kill
  • Recoil: Moderate

Best Class setups

Class 1 – Dingo Stealthy Defender

This class is great for defending objectives and winning matches. The Dingo is equipped with Quickdraw with the XM-53 as the secondary. Equipment is Trip Mine and Smoke Grenade. Perks are Flak Jacket, Ghost, Fast Hands and Engineer.

Dingo Stealthy Defender

Class 2 – Dingo Domination

This class is great for Domination. The Dingo is loaded with Quickdraw and Grip with the MR6 as secondary. Here the equipment is Semtex and 2 Trophy Systems. Flak Jacket, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask as perks.

Dingo Domination

Class 3 – Goin for Kills

This class is great for all game styles and if you just want to go for kills like in TDM. The Dingo is fitted with Quickdraw, Grip and Fast Mags. The only equipment here is the Trip Mine. Perks are Ghost, Ante Up and Blast Suppressor.

Dingo Goin for kills