DMR-1 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the DMR-1 in Infinite Warfare

DMR 1 best class

The DMR-1 is a semi automatic ballistic sniper rifle in Infinite Warfare. According to the in game description the “Updated design retains the top-loading clip while granting moderate stopping power and low recoil. Allows early clip ejection.

It is not the most powerful sniper rifle in the game yet it handles well in medium to long range combat if the player can master the gun. It is more of marksman rifle killing in 2 shots, it makes up for its slow TTK with the faster chamber reload time and fire rate.

Recommended Attachments for the DMR-1 are Tracking Chip, Quickdraw and Stock if you want to play more aggressively with the weapon.


Weapon stats

  • Damage: 2 shots to kill
  • Headshot Multiplier: TBA
  • Range: Long range
  • Recoil: Low
  • Rate of Fire: Moderate


Best DMR-1 Variant

The DMR-1 Spectacle grants the player Reflex and Focus advantages. Reflex comes with a custom reflex sight instead of a scope and Focus reduces idle sway while aiming down sights which also stacks with Ballistic CPU.


Best DMR-1 Class setup

This class is a great all rounder for the DMR-1. It comes with Tracking Chip and  Quickdraw attached. Trip Mine as a lethal with Nano Shot as tactical. Perks used in this class are Recon and Ghost, Cold Blooded and Marksman. 

DMR 1 best class