Drakon Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the Drakon in Black Ops 3

Drakon Campy

The Drakon is a semi automatic Sniper Rifle in Black Ops 3. This weapon can take out enemies with 2 shots to the body or 1 shot if a neck or headshot is landed.

The weapon can be used effectively if used like a marksman rifle. The player needs to take distance and position themselves in order to hold down an area of the map preferably. The Drakon is not the best run and gun sniper because of its 2 shots to kill damage, so use it conservatively.

Recommended Attachments for the Drakon are the Ballistics CPU, Stock and Rapid Fire, the player can also choose an optic, we recommend the Thermal Scope. The Suppressor is also a great attachment on all snipers because it doesn’t negate the damage in any way.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 80 or 1-2 shots to kill
  • Rate of Fire: 277RPM
  • Recoil: Low
  • Scope Sway: Moderate

Best Class setups

Class 1 – Drakon Campy

This class is great for camping and watching over objectives. The Drakon is equipped with the ELO sight and Fast Mags with the RK5 as secondary. The C4 and a Shock Charge as equipment with Ghost, Cold Blooded and Tactical Mask as perks.

Drakon Campy

Class 2 – Drakon Thermal

This one is for you guys that like to catch people out hiding in corners. The Drakon is fitted with Thermal Scope and Rapid Fire with the L-CAR 9 pistol in your secondary. A frag grenade to keep you safe and Overclock, Afterburner, Fast Hands and Engineer as perks.

Drakon Thermal

Class 3 – Drakon Defend

This class is great for defending, your team mates will love you when you have this class equip. The Drakon has Ballistics CPU and Stock equipped with the BlackCell as your secondary to take out enemy scorestreaks. Equipment utilized here is the Thermite and 2 Trophy Systems. Flak Jacket, Cold Blooded and Tactical Mask as perks.

Drakon Defend