EBR-800 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the EBR-800 in Infinite Warfare

EBR800 best class

The EBR-800 is a semi auto energy sniper rifle in Infinite Warfare. This weapon is unique in that it turns into a fully auto assault rifle if you hold down triangle or Y on your controller. 

The EBR-800 is a great sniper rifle for the all round player. Especially players who like using a primary as a secondary in their sniper class. The hybrid feature saves you a create a class slot. 

Recommended Attachments for the EBR-800 are Suppressor, Stock and Grip.


Weapon stats

  • Damage: 1 shot kill from chest up. 4 shot to kill in AR mode
  • Headshot Multiplier: TBA
  • Range: Long range
  • Recoil: High
  • Rate of Fire: Moderate


EBR-800 Best Variant

The EBR-800 Osiris is the best EBR variant. It gives the player Hunter Killer and Sharpshooter advantages. Hunter Killer enables enemies at a low health to be highlighted and Sharpshooter increases damage rang which stacks with Particle Amp.

EBR 800 Osiris














Best EBR-800 Class

This class is great for being silent and calculated. The EBR-800 is loaded with the Suppressor and Stock. The equipment is Trip Mine. Perks used here are Recon, Blind Eye, Cold Blooded and Marksman.

EBR800 Best class setup


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