EM1 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments to use for the EM1 in Advanced Warfare!

The EM1 is a Directed Energy Heavy Weapon in Advanced Warfare. It is described as having the highest Damage in its class. The gun requires no ammunition because it is powered by battery therefore does not require the player to reload. However, the gun does overheat if fired for prolong periods and the player can cool it down manually if required.

The EM1 has the best hip spread in the game and even outshines the SMG’s when it comes to Hip Fire Accuracy. Therefore, The EM1 is best used Firing from the hip because of its pin point accuracy. If you prefer to ADS with the EM1 a Foregrip is highly recommended because the recoil is crazy and unpredictable. Other great Attachments for the EM1 are the Heat Sink to reduce¬†the time the gun takes to overheat and the Stock to help you become a harder target while firing with the beam in Close Quarter Combat.


Best Variants.

The best variants are the Polar Vortex(Elite), Pwner(Elite) and the LEL(Enlisted). The Polar Vortex increases Fire Rate by 1 and Handling by 2, taking 3 from Mobility. The Pwner adds 2 to Damage and 1 to Mobility and takes 1 from Accuracy, Fire Rate and Handling. The LEL adds 1 to Damage and takes 1 from Accuracy.

Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 4-6 or 17-25 shots to kill.
  • Damage Multiplier: None for Headshots.
  • Range: Long to Medium.
  • Rate of Fire: 3600RPM or Deals damage once per frame.
  • Recoil: Very high, manageable with Grip.
  • Laser Time: 4.0s with Heatsink: 5.35s.
  • Raise/Drop times: Slow to very slow.

Source: Drift0r.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – EM1 TDM.

This EM1 class works great for Team Deathmatch. The EM1 is kitted out with the Parabolic Microphone and the Heat Sink which will give you a few more seconds less to cool down. Lightweight, Cold-Blooded, Toughness as Perks. Exo Overclock for added speed and 2 Semtex in the Exo Launcher. The RW1 Railgun as a secondary. Scorestreaks used here are UAV, Missile Strike and System Hack.



Class 2 Р ADS Precision.

This EM1 class is a nice run and gun class. The Quickdraw Grip, Foregrip and Red Dot Sight are a nice combination for quick and accurate kills. Lightweight and Low Profile as Perk 1, Perk 2 loaded with Peripherals and Toughness in Perk 3 for added accuracy when ADS and being hit. Exo Overclock and Lightweight make a great speedy combo. Scorestreaks here are UAV with added Assist Points and the Orbital Care Package.


Class 3 – The EM1 here is fitted with the Heat Sink and Stock. Hip firing with stock is very effective with the EM1. Lightweight as Perk 1, Gung-Ho as Perk 2, this will help you with your hip fire kills. Hardline and Hardwired as Perk 3. Exo Stim is used here to give you that extra health when you need it. 2 Threat Grenades to seek out them cowardly campers. The Scorestreaks here are the Missile Strike and the XS1 Goliath.

EM1 Reach For The Lasers

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