EPM3 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the EPM3 in Advanced Warfare!

The EPM3 is a Directed Energy Heavy Weapon in Advanced Warfare. It is best suited to laid back marksman type gameplay, similar to all LMG’s or HW’s.

It has a 3 shot kill at any range unless the player is using a variant which negates the Damage. The Recoil is fairly low on the EPM3 after 2 weapon updates improved both the Damage and Recoil.

Recommended Attachments for the EPM3 are the Heat Sink and the ForeGrip for added Accuracy. A highly recommended attachment is the Red Dot Sight because of the cluttered Iron Sights and laser flash/smoke left behind after firing the weapon.

Best Variants.

The best variants for the EPM3 are the Parsec(Elite) and the Exterminator(Marksman). The Parsec adds 3 to Range but players can only use optical Attachments. The Exterminator adds 2 to Damage and takes 1 from Fire Rate. This variant is earned after 300 kills with the EPM3.

NOTE: The Exterminator can kill in 2 shots if one of the shots lands a Headshot. It has a 2x Headshot Multiplier.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 34 or 3 shots to kill.
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.2x. (with the exception of the Exterminator).
  • Rate of Fire: 1200RPM.
  • Overheat Rate: 7 shots, 11 with Heat Sink.
  • Recoil: Low.

Source: codwiki.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Precision Kills.

This class is great for game modes like TDM. The EPM3 has the Heat Sink and Red Dot Sight attached. Perks active are Lightweight, Low Profile, Cold-Blooded and Toughness. Exo Ability used here is Exo Cloak. Scorestreaks are the UAV and Orbital Care Package.

EPM3 Precision kills

Class 2 – EPM3 Stock.

This class is great for going on long killstreaks and trying to rack up them Scorestreaks. The EPM3 is loaded with Stock and Quickdraw Grip. Perks are Flak Jacket, Danger Close and Cold-Blooded. Exo Cloak as the ability and 2 Semtex in the launcher. Scorestreaks used here are the UAV, Orbital Care Package and the Paladin.

EPM3 Stock

Class 3 – EPM3 Defender.

This class works well when defending objectives. The EPM3 is kitted with Foregrip, Quickdraw and the Heat Sink with the RW1 as the Secondary. Perks are Flak Jacket, Peripherals and Hard Wired. Scorestreaks active are the UAV, Bombing Run and Missile Strike.

EPM3 Defender