Exo suits bring whole new element of fun to Advanced Warfare’s Kill Confirmed: IGN First reveal first Kill confirmed footage

IGN First have revealed more Advanced Warfare footage today and this time we get a look into the classic game mode Kill Confirmed. Greg Reisdorf takes us through the new and returning elements in Kill Confirmed Advanced Warfare!

Kill Confirmed is still your typical take enemies out and collect their fallen dog tag. However, the new Exo Suit brings a whole new element of fun to the game. Dog tag’s could be literally anywhere now. On Rooftops and in mid air, who knows! Reisdorf’s preferred weapon load out when playing KC is an SMG with Gung Po so you can shoot while sliding. Reisdorf tells us that they tried loads of new ideas before they finalised their decision on the play style to take in KC, they even tried placing the tags mid air when the enemies died so the player had to jump to get it! He laughed and said it just didn’t work out! Kill Confirmed is officially 65 tags for the Win!

Throughout the video we get some nice footage of new shotguns in action, the Boost Slam ability and the XMG Dual Wield Heavy Guns!

Check it out here

IGN First have also released more footage of Kill Confirmed game play on the new Multiplayer map Retreat! The video comes in 2 parts, Enjoy!



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