Flashback Fridays

Hi everyone,

I’m just filling you’s in on what to look forward to on Codifornia. I’m going to be starting a Flashback Friday series from Friday 13th. Flashback Friday is going to be a review into the older Call of Duty titles. It will be random so it might not start from the first CoD. It will be cool to look back on the history of the game and see how far it has come. Anyways, hope you guys will like it and make sure to visit next Friday for Flashback Friday only at Codifornia.

And as always thanks for visiting!


  • Elliot K

    Hi guys Ive put a delay on FlashBack Fridays its coming soon though 🙂 Stay tuuuned 🙂

  • dragon89

    sounds interesting some of the old games were the best

    • admin

      Ye they sure where, my favourite is Black ops 2 🙂