Get the Joker Helmet quicker in Advanced Warfare. All Challenge tips!

Here is a continued guide on getting the Joker Helmet/Mask in Advanced Warfare. If you missed the other guide, it shows you how to get the Boomerang Medals and Hail Mary Medals quicker/easier. This guide will show you how to get the following challenges. From the Grave/Sticky Bomber/Heartbreaker/Unforgiving/Backfire/Sneak attack.


From the Grave/Afterlife Medals/Sticky Bomber Medals.

Play busy game modes like DOM, MMTM and HP. In particular, you want to start playing more Kill Confirmed. Equip 2 Semtex in your class, cook the Semtex and run around looking for enemies while the Semtex is cooked. It will not blow up don’t worry. Try get close to them and let them kill you, if you want try Stick them too, this will contribute towards your Sticky Bomber challenge. Double whammy!

When they kill you you will drop the Semtex, the enemy runs to get your dropped tag, they blow up, you get an Afterlife Medal.


Very important to keep in mind.

You need to watch the kill-cam to secure your Afterlife Medal. If you skip the kill-cam, the Afterlife kill wont count. When you re-spawn everything disappears so make sure to watch that cam.



Just Sticky Bomber Medals.

If you are going for the Sticky Bomber Medals in particular. You want to play Free For All, you can sneak behind enemies a lot easier in FFA because of the close spawns and slower game pace.



The Heartbreaker Challenge.

There is not much advice for this challenge, you need to get 25 Buzz Kill medals to complete this challenge. These Medals come naturally as you play the game. If you want to get them quicker play Free For All because nearly everyone is running low Scorestreaks like the UAV.



The Unforgiving/ Backfire Challenges.

The Unforgiving Challenge requires you to get 25 Payback Medals. This will again come to you naturally as you play the game. I recommend playing Free For All as much as possible because the spawns are so close together. You can literally die and spawn beside the enemy that just killed you in an instant. Momentum is also a very good game mode for hectic spawns.



The Backfire Challenge requires you to get kill 25 enemies with their own weapon. This is easiest achieved in Free For All because you are always picking up an enemy weapon because everyone is your enemy. You want to equip the Riot Shield as a secondary so use Overkill as a Wildcard. You also want Fast Hands so you can pick up weapons faster.

Kill an enemy and pick up their weapon, then place your Riot Shield somewhere that provides you cover for your back. For example, your back to the wall. As mentioned before chances are that enemy will spawn near you so just hold back and wait for him to return. Keep doing this for as long as you can survive. It pisses them off if they see you killing them with their own weapon and even more from behind a Riot Shield like a noob! That means they’ll keep coming back for more.



The Sneak Attack Challenge

This challenge requires you to get 25 Rabbit Punch Medals. This is knifing or punching an enemy in the back. This one is kind of chance and you just need to be more conscious of it.

If you see an enemy from behind head glitching a wall, don’t just fire take the opportunity to get a Rabbit Punch Medal. If you see an enemy prone, take the easy Rabbit Punch, you automatically get one if you punch them in the back when they’re prone. I recommend playing Free For All because you get a lot of snipers and people holding areas of the map. If you can get behind them which happens a lot in FFA, you can get that easy Rabbit Punch.

Rabbit Punch