Gorgon Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the Gorgon in Black Ops 3

Gorgon Rush SnD

The Gorgon is a Light Machine Gun in Black Ops 3. Despite being a Light Machine Gun this weapon can be used in medium to short range combat if used effectively.

Its heavy hitting fire power makes up for it slow fire rate and sluggish handling. This LMG can get a one shot if really close range and 2 shots from long distance if the player is accurate.

Recommended Attachments for the Gorgon are the Quickdraw, Fast Mag and Rapid Fire.

  • Damage: 1 – 2 shots to kill
  • Recoil:¬†Low

Best Class setups

Class 1 – Gorgon All out Warfare

This class is great for those maniacs who like to run and gun with an LMG. The Gorgon is fitted with Rapid Fire Laser Sight and Quickdraw with the MR5 in the secondary. Equipment used here is the Combat Axe and the Black Hat. Perks are Afterburner and Gung Ho.

Gorgon All out Warfare

Class 2 – SnD Stealth Rush

This class is great for game modes like search and free for all. It’s a great one for rushing or more fast paced game play. The Gorgon is loaded with the Silencer and Quickdraw with the L-CAR9 as secondary. Equipment used here is Frag and 2 Concussions. Perks are Ghost, Hard Wired and Blast Suppressor.

Gorgon Rush SnD

Class 3 РGorgon Objective

This class is great for players who like to stay around the OBJ and rack up kills. The Gorgon has Quickdraw and Fast Mags attached with the RK5 as the secondary. Equipment used is Semtex and 2 Flashbangs. Perks are Afterburner, Fast Hands and Tactical Mask.

Gorgon Quickly


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