Hardpoint Locations and Rotations: Advanced Warfare. Improve your Hardpoint Gameplay! Know where the next Hardpoint is at!

Hardpoint was introduced to Call of Duty by TreyArch in Black Ops 2. Players have to fight for Hardpoint locations in different areas of the map. Players only gain points by being inside the Hardpoint, at least one player has to be inside the Hardpoint for the team to gain points. Each Hardpoint is active for 60 seconds until the next Hardpoint location is activated. A point is gained for every second your team holds the Hardpoint. Enemy players can stop your team from gaining points by contesting the Hardpoint. To contest the Hardpoint players need to be inside the Hardpoint while an enemy player is also inside. First team to 250 points wins the match.

The Hardpoint rotation follows a fixed pattern so it is important to know where the next one is so you know exactly where to go. Always move on to the next Hardpoint with atleast 10 seconds left on the clock. This means you will be there before enemy’s and you will also gain them capture points. I stay in and around the Hardpoint but never in it unless I absolutely have to. Defend the Hardpoint by killing other enemy’s attacking the Hardpoint. If you want to defend the Hardpoint from inside make sure to have flak jacket on because your going to get rained on with grenades, maybe the Trophy System Exo Ability might come in handy too. Below is a list of the Hardpoint locations and Rotations. Study them if you want to get better at the game. The first steps when playing Hardpoint is knowing where they are. Best of luck!

UPDATE: 3/1/15: Havoc DLC Hardpoint Locations and Rotations!

Hardpoint Updates: Location errors fixed on Recovery!

Hardpoint Updates: Thumbnails adjusted to show map name based on feedback in comments!

Hardpoint Updates: Detroit Rotation error fixed based on feedback in comments!

Hardpoint Updates: All maps reviewed, slight changes made across board!

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