How to get better at Call of Duty Zombies

So you’re here because you want to become better at Call of Duty Zombies. Well my guide is going to teach you the noob lessons you’ll need to know to improve your game. Whether you want to get better at Zombies Black ops, Zombies Black ops 2 or even World at War for that matter. This guide will help you become better at zombies and hopefully point out some of the commonly missed aspects of the game you need to know to improve at Call of Duty Zombies.


I have been playing CoD zombies since Call of Duty World at War, Nazi Zombies. This game was released on November 14, 2008. It appeared originally as a bonus game in World at War as Nazi Zombies but has reappeared in Black ops 1 and Black ops 2. The game  itself is unique to Treyarch produced games and does not appear in any other Call of Duty game. A lot of my friends and people in the CoD community say its the reason they still play CoD and they are not buying a new release unless it has Zombies . Since its release it has grown very popular and Black ops 2 was the first to have an online leaderboard to see where you rank in the zombie killing apocalypse.



Now for the tips on how to get better at Call of Duty Zombies…

Tip 1: Never slow down or stop moving. Seriously, staying in one spot in the map is a bad idea man playingbecause with each round more zombies are just going to come at you from all different angles.



Tip 2: Play, play and play more, this sounds clichéd but practice makes perfect! Really, playing the game makes you better at the game and being better at the game gets you to higher rounds. Studying these tips will make you better and playing with these in mind will make you unstoppable!



Tip 3: Get to know the maps as much as you can. Know every door, hallway and ledge you can possibly know. There’s nothing worse than running into a dead end with a bunch of blood hungry zombies after you. Again playing is the only way to learn the maps. Often, you will need to find a route that works best for you. One that the zombies will always be behind you!



Tip 4: Comes from the third, after you begin to get into the higher rounds you will need to start forming trains. Trains are when you choose your route and you have all the zombies on the map running after you in one direction. It often consists of a loop or trail from one building to the next. Having all the zombies in one line allows you to turn around and shoot them while they are all together instead of picking them off one by one.



Tip 5: Preserve your bullets, bullet preservation is a must in zombies
because getting to the high rounds and running out of ammo means Game Over! Perks like max ammo don’t come around often in the higher rounds so be weary of your bullet count!



Tip 6: Is going to help you with the fifth. Aiming at shoulder level or directly at the head is going to get you headshots and headshots are going to preserve your ammo. Plus lethal headshots and neck hits are the most lucrative and can rack you up points quicker. 70 for a lethal neck hit and 100 for a lethal headshot.



Tip 7: Know the perks and know which ones to buy first. OK, this one is kinda preference but if you’re just starting off or wondering why you’re dying all the time the first perk you need to get is Juggernog. This perk is going to make you stronger and means you can take more of a beating from the zombies. I suggest holding out and building up points until you have enough to pack a punch your weapon. Other perks include speed cola, quick revive, double tap, stamina up, mule kick, tombstone, vulture aid, PhD floppePaPr, deadshot and more.



Tip 8: Pack a punching your weapon. This one is important, in fact very important and you will not get far without pack a punch! Pack a punch increases your weapons damage rating and after you obtain Juggernog your objective is to get pack a punch! It costs about 5000 grand to buy and make sure you know where it is on the map before you start saving for it.



Tip 9: Make use of your frags. When I play zombies I always seem to forget I have my grenades. They are very handy in clearing rooms and rank you up a nice few points at the same time. My best tip is to just drop them on the ground in front of you and make your train (from tip four) simply run over your cooked frag.



Tip 10: Make use of crawlers. Crawlers are the zombies that’s crawl..”no shit”…. after you have blown thCrawlereir limbs off with normally a frag. At the end of each round its best to make sure there is a crawler, this allows you to run around and get your shit together building barriers, buying ammo, trying your luck at mystery boxes, building parts and buying perks. After you have taken care of business, kill the crawler and get ready to rock the next round of flesh eating freaks.


Finally, a few quick ones before you fall asleep. Remember to always stab during first round (save ammo). The last zombie left in the round always screams and runs at you! Always try your luck at the mystery box! In the low rounds I have seen people shooting at the zombies legs until they die in order to gain more points, plus you will nearly always get a max ammo in the low rounds.

Please leave your comments in the box below and share your tips on how to get better and improve at CoD Zombies.

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