How to get Diamond and Dark Matter Camo faster in Black Ops 3: Class, Specialist, Headshot, Longshot and Game Mode Tips

You are probably wondering how to get Diamond and or Dark Matter camos in Black Ops 3. Once you see someone in a lobby with that diamond encrusted or mysterious purple gun camo you just need it and we understand. Getting it is your next step and you want to get it as quickly as possible.

We have put together a series of tips and strategies to help you get Diamond and Dark Matter camos faster. We will go over class tips, strategies and different tactics to help you get them faster.

How to get Diamond camos: We take it you know this but you have to unlock all gold camos for all weapons in a single weapon class. For example, unlock all gold camos on all Assault Rifles to get Diamond camos on Assault Rifles.

How to get Dark Matter camos: After you have all Diamond on all weapon classes you will unlock Dark Matter. It will appear beside the Diamond camo option.


Class Tips and Strategies

  • You should set up your class with precision and accuracy in mind. So always use an Optical attachment that you find helps you aim better. We recommend the Reflex sight or ELO to help you get headshots quicker.
  • When going for headshots, always use the attachment High Caliber. What High Caliber does is increase your headshot damage.
  • Use Concussion grenades to slow down your enemy so its easier to go for the headshot.
  • Use scorestreaks that will assist with finding enemies fast. Like UAV or H.A.T.R.
  • Use perks that will help you be more aware of nearby enemies. For example Sixth Sense, Tracker and Engineer. If you know where an enemies equipment is you can sniff them out quicker.
  • A great attachment to use is Thermal with a Smoke Grenade equipped. Throw the Smoke Grenade on an objective you know the enemy is capping, whip out your thermal and go for some easy headshots.
  • Quickdraw always comes in handy because you have to be quick to the draw when going for precision kills which require concentrating harder on specific parts of the body.

Specialist Tips

  • The Specialist Outrider will also assist you with finding people as fast as possible. Use her ability Vision Pulse which reveals nearby enemies trough walls for a short period of time.
  • Another great Specialist to use is Firebreak. Activate his ability Heat Wave that stuns nearby enemies, while there stunned you can get some easy headshots.

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Headshot and Long Shot Tips and Strategies

  • When going for headshots try aiming for the shoulder head area. If you aim for the shoulders your weapon should kick upwards towards the head. Most weapons in Call of Duty have a vertical kick so this shouldn’t be hard to do.
  • When going for long shots find the center of the map or where there is a long line of sight. Camp this area and hard aim at the opposite side of the map.

Game Mode Tips

  • The best game modes to play when going for headshots and long shots is hardcore. One shot to kill from all ranges and headshots are much easier to get if you just aim for the shoulders.
  • Play Free for All, the spawns are closer together which makes it easier to find enemies.

We hope these tips help you to get Diamond Camos faster which will in turn help you get Dark Matter faster. Best of luck and happy head hunting.

Featured image compliments of Call of Duty YouTuber Long Sensation, the first person in the world to unlock Dark Matter legitimately. Got any tips of your own, leave them in the comment section below.

  • sebb

    Use ‘Varix 3’ optic attachment (zoomed out) to reduce the range of getting long shots by a half. ‘High Caliber’ is not needed on hardcore. For specialists, use ‘any’ single one, that still requires challenge to get outfits, because, you can do two challenges at once, for dark matter camo and hero gear outfits. Always keep a ‘launcher’ weapon in your secondary while doing gold for primary weapons. This way, the challenge for gold camo on launchers, is being done subconsciously while destroying enemy score-streaks. Some corrections and tips from me.

    • Thanks very much for your tips and feedback man 🙂 much appreciated. The varix zoom is a good one 🙂

    • Harry Whitehead

      Great advice but a little word of warning. The Varix trick doesn’t work any more due it’s being patched

  • MarkFamily

    Guys i must earn all diamond camos for primaly and secondary or just primaly?

    • To get Dark Matter? All Diamond on every weapon. Primary and Secondary! 🙂

      • Aaron

        Do you also need to get gold for the wrench, butterfly knife etc. As well for dark matter??

        • Not sure about this because them secondaries where added into the game after launch. But it would make sense because they are secondaries!

        • RoNiN 0001

          No you do not need the Black Market weapons to get Dark Matter. If you would like to use Dark Matter on those weapons however, you will need to get them gold.

  • Undead

    Do you get darmkanker when getting master prestige?

    • Hello Undead, I presume you mean dark matter? You get it from completing all diamond on all weapon classes in the game. Primary and secondary!

    • Larry

      darmkanker? HAHAHAHA!!!! Obviously you just got this game………OBVIOUSLY!

  • Eric

    How do I get dark matter on dlc weapons?

    • Hi, you will need to unlock gold camo for the DLC weapons. Then if you have dark matter for the base weapons it should unlock on the DLC! Hope that helps!

  • Derekty98

    Do I have to have al secondaries diamond camo to get dark matter for primaries?

    • Hello, yes you need all weapons diamond, primary and secondary to get dark matter camo !