How to get the Weapon Master Loadout in Advanced Warfare if you are wondering?

I’ve been getting a lot of question’s about how to unlock the Weapon Master Loadout. Well you do know you can find this out within the game? That beautiful gold and diamond encrusted loadout you see is possible to get and guess what? It’s quite easy, it just takes time. You have to unlock all camos on all Assault Rifles. There is a whole Weapon Mastery section in the Operator Section of the in game menu.

How to check it out yourself.

  1. Go to the Multiplayer menu.
  2. Operator.
  3. Challenges.
  4. Weapons.
  5. Weapon Classes.
  6. Total Camo Mastery…. BOOM you’re there, turns out the Weapon Master Loadout isn’t the only Gold and shiny thing you can unlock.

Here is a list of the Total Camo Mastery Gear you unlock when you achieve all camos within each Weapon Class. The Camo Mastery is unlocked after achieving all camos in all classes including completing all Marksman challenges for all Weapons or after unlocking the Weapon Class Marksman Mastery. The white Exo!Β Want to know how to unlock it? We have a guide!




  1. I have done the camo mastery for assault rifles it says challenge complete but not received the mastery loadout can any 1 help

  2. ok so i got the diamond/royalt ar worked really hard to get it so when i got the the last gun i did what you said and it said challenge completed
    then i wet nto to customization and loadouts but the weapon mastery loadout was not there help please

    • Hi sean, people seem to be having this problem. You can send a report ticket into Activision . Or you can ring them and they will patch it for you if you send them a picture of all the camos completed. Double check everything is done before you do it! The stats in this game are pretty messed up . I have royalty camp for the Bal and I don’t have 80 longshots even done yet? It’s strange. Let me know if you get sorted πŸ™‚

  3. Dude do you no what happen i play cod aw today and my internet connection broke 1h and then again work but i get 2 camos first then internet connection broke and when its work i still have all camos what i complete and get royalty camo on pistol but i dont get weapon master gloves please help me what me need to do i get my gloves

    • Hi DJ I’m not sure what is your problem. You can try ringing Activision Assist! Or ask them for assistance on their Twitter page. @ATVIAssist . Probabaly just a technical issue on their side!

  4. Hi i got my snipers royalt to day and my internet went out and when i got back on i dident have the mask can someone help

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