How to really unlock the Hero Gear in Black Ops 3: Classified Gear unlock

Launch week people where going crazy to unlock the Hero Gear in Black Ops 3. We posted theory’s, ideas and everything else thinking it would help. Well we decided to do a fresh new post on how to really unlock the Specialist Classified Gear(Hero Gear) in Black Ops 3.

What you have to do

Unlock all the gear for all the Specialists. So not just all the body gear for all Specialists, all the head gear too. When you have all head and body gear unlocked for all specialists, the Classified Hero Gear Assignment will declassify giving you a challenge to complete.

Normally the challenge will be getting a certain amount of kills with the specialists ability or weapon. Below is the Hero Gear challenges for Reaper and Firebreak to give you an idea:

Reaper Hero Challenges

  • Body: Kill 4 enemies while Psychosis is active in a single game
  • Head: Kill 6 enemies in a single game using Scythe

Firebreak Hero Challenges

Body: Kill 4 enemies stunned by your heatwave in a single game

Head: Kill 6 enemies with the purifier in a single

So yes this will be a grind and no the Specialists are not linked in any way by their audio or back of cards. Best of luck with it and go get your grind on.



  • Oisin_Whelan

    so is the hero gear is supposed to be classified?

    • Hi, yes until you unlock all gear for all specialists . Then the hero gear will declassify and tell you what you need to do to unlock it!

      • Oisin_Whelan

        for ALL specialists?! cool already got the nomad then.. and so close with the firebreak.

        • Nice , it takes a while but you will get there 😉

          • Oisin_Whelan

            my DETERMINATION exceeds all others xD

          • Nice one Oisin, best of luck with it !

          • Nice one Oisin, best of luck with it !

          • Thrillzz Pleaser

            Mines is still locked and I have all unlocks… Bothering much

          • That’s strange, try getting on to activision support!

          • Thrillzz Pleaser

            To I actually had one left to unlock which is the hardest of them all so u shows it and move on now I’m back at it lol. Rejack and kill two enimes rapidly lord I’m screwed

          • Oh nice one 🙂 that’s a tough one haha.. Try do it on Dom or hardpoint where there is lots of enemies !

          • Thrillzz Pleaser

            Good stuff

          • Kyle Henning

            I have all of them unlocked and still nothing. Mine doesn’t even say hero, they all just still say classified. It’s frustrating.

          • That’s really annoying. Maybe get on to activision support Twitter page 🙂

          • Thrillzz Pleaser

            You must go through each one very carefully and make sure it’s completed. I had two that were so close to being done but took to long to I went on to the next and forgot about them… There was just an update released also so I’m very positive there aren’t any glitches with the hero camps. Just make sure u have them all 100% completed

          • Rekt

            Hard point for days. I got monster kills with the brecci

          • Ye Hardpoint is beast !

  • Nonstop

    Do you have to get black market gear to unlock this?

  • Hello, no you don’t.

  • Joseph Martinez Sr

    How can I get my classified weapons unlock I’m on level 314 prestige still haven’t unlock my newest weapons how can I get them

    • Hello Joseph, classified weapons are available in supply drops only.