How to unlock Burgertown in Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Infection!

Below is a guide on how to get into Burgertown in Exo Zombies Infection.

  • You need to get to the sewers first, open up the sewers for 2000.
  • Run straight then take the next left at the Tac 19, run down the platform and take the next right. You will come to a ramp with an open room on your right which contains the Exo Ability.
  • Turn left while facing the Exo ability you will see another sewer gate called sewer junction costing 2000. When you open the gate you will see the Burgertown symbol with a red arrow pointing right.
  • Follow the┬áright arrow and straight ahead you will see Exo Reload. Turn around and run the down the walkway, follow the path around past the Contact Grenades until you come to a gate. Boom you’re in Burgertown.