How to unlock the Joker Helmet in Advanced Warfare. Tips for Hail Mary & Return of the Spike Drone!

The Joker Helmet is probably the coolest looking helmet in the game. To get the Joker Helmet you need to complete 9 different Humiliation challenges. This guide will help you with Hail Mary and the Return of the Spike Drone challenge. We have a guide to help you with all the other over here!


Hail Mary challenge. Getting the Spike Drone?

The Hail Mary challenge requires you to get 1 long distance Spike Drone kill. Therefore you must have the Spike Drone unlocked.


Or do you? If you haven’t reached level 49 to unlock the Spike Drone, you can always play Infected. Once you are infected you obtain the Spike Drone by default. If you take a look at the default Sniper class in MP you will see you also have the Spike Drone unlocked.

Hail mary challenge

Class setup

Simple enough here, equip 2 Spike Drones and Fast hands so you can fire it quicker. The rest is up to you!


Game Modes

Now for Game modes, You need to start playing Objective based game modes like Hardpoint, Domination and Momentum. You know there will be a lot of enemies together in the one place so getting a Hail Mary will be a lot easier. Wait until you know the enemy is in the HP or capping a flag in DOM or MMTM. Fire 2 Spike Drones into the area, if you don’t get it the first time keep trying, your’e bound to get it if you try every life.

As mentioned above, Infected is a great Game mode because you get the Spike Drone when infected. But also because, quite often in Infected enemies will hide out in one area or corner of the map. This makes it even easier for you to get that Hail Mary. Just keep firing into that corner and your’e bound to get it!


Finding the perfect spot.

In all COD’s there has been spots on maps where people always run down. It occurs quite often on the traditional three lane map system. Remember the 2 lanes on Hijacked, either side of the boat? Perfect spots for getting kills with Throwing Knifes and Grenades. Well mess around on a few maps in Private play and then camp them in Public.


Return of the Spike Drone/Boomerang Medals.Boomerang

The first method is the Search and Destroy/Search and Rescue method. First try and get the bomb, plant it and immediately after planting place a Spike Drone on the bomb. Now just camp around the bomb and hope an enemy comes to diffuse, when they’re diffusing walk up behind them and return the Spike Drone. Use the same button you used to deploy it. Keep in mind the Spike Drone lasts 29 seconds after you deploy it.


The second is the narrow hallway method. Find a narrow hallway that you know a lot of enemies use. Place the Spike Drones on the wall at the end of the hallway. Now wait in front of the hallway and go prone to keep yourself safe. When you see an enemy appear in the hallway quickly return the Spike Drone. Keep trying and you are bound to get a Boomerang Medal sooner or later.

Check out my quick example video against the bots!