How to unlock the Zombies Skin and all gear: Exo, Loadout, Character, Boots, Pants!

So your’e curious about how to unlock the Zombie gear in Advanced Warfare? It’s a tough enough ordeal so I would only recommend doing it if you really want the gear.

You need to start playing Exo Survival, the Co-Op mode in Advanced Warfare. As you progress through the rounds and Tiers you will receive Supply Drops with Zombie gear like Gloves, Helmets and even Weapons (The HBRa3 Lead Launcher). Did you know Exo Zombies will feature in the upcoming DLC installment “Havoc”?


What you need to do is as follows:

Complete a total 50 rounds of Exo survival on any of the four Tier 1 maps. Tier 1 maps are featured below.

Tier1 maps


Complete a total of 75 rounds on Tier 2 maps. Tier 2 maps are featured below.

Tier2 maps


Complete a total of 100 rounds on Tier 3 maps. Tier 3 maps are featured below.

Tier3 maps


Get to round 10 on the final map Riot and complete the round. Zombie time.

Tier4 Riot