HVK-30 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the HVK-30 in Black Ops 3

HVK-30 Cautious

The HVK-30 is a fully auto Assault Rifle in Black Ops 3. The HVK’s best attribute is it’s Rapid Fire rate combined with low recoil. It’s also unlocked at level 2 which makes it a great weapon for the low rounds.

Because of it’s fast fire rate the HVK is a great run and gun weapon and combined with the right attachments this gun is up there with one of the best in the game. The HVK 30 has a 10% faster sprint in and out time than all the Assault Rifles. According to Drift0r, when you run and gun with this weapon you can ADS faster after running and you can also stop shooting and sprint faster than you can with the other AR’s.

Recommended Attachments for the HVK-30 are Quickdraw, Grip and Long Barrel.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 30-22 or 4-5 shots to kill
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x at long range
  • Recoil: Low
  • Rate of Fire: 720RPM Moderate to Fast

Best Classes

Class 1 – HVK-30 Cautious

This class works really well in the more stealthy game types. The HVK is equipped with Grip, Long Barrel and Fast Mags with the RK5 as secondary. Equipment in this class is Concussion. Perks utilized here is Sixth Sense, Tracker and Awareness.

HVK-30 Cautious

Class 2 – HVK-30 Pumped

This class is a great all rounder. The HVK is loaded with 4 attachments. Quickdraw, Grip, Extended Mags and Rapid Fire. The rest of this class setup is Afterburner, Scavenger and Gung Ho as perks.

HVK-30 Pumped

Class 3 – HVK-30 Off the Radar

This HVK class is great for Domination or Hardpoint. The HVK comes loaded with Quickdraw, Grip and Stock. Ghost, Ante Up, Blast Suppressor and Tactical Mask as perks.

HVK-30 Off the radar

  • sklar02

    A really good class to make this like a smg:
    attachments: quickdraw, laser sight, and stock
    perks: sixth sense and flak jacket, fast hands, and awareness

    • Very nice class 👍🏻

      • sklar02

        do you just say that to newbies or do you stalk me because you commented on another one of my comments also thank you 😀

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