IGN First reveal the return of Momentum to Call of Duty! COD veterans will be pleased!

Greg Reisdorf once again takes us through a reveal video from IGN First Advanced Warfare month. This time the video is about the return of Momentum from COD 3 and World at War! Momentum can be thought of as a game of tuggle war. Two teams have to battle it out fighting for 5 flags, the first flag is set in the middle and the rest follow a linear direction. Each flag captured pushes the next flag further into the enemies side of the map.

Greg Reisdorf explains it as a kind of linear Domination. The team winning and capping flags one after the other gains “Momentum” and can catch the next flag quicker than the previous. Hence the name! We also get some really nice Sniping footage, gameplay footage on the map Retreat, SMG action and lots of cool footage of the Exo Launcher!

Check it out in the video below. Source: IGN YouTube channel!