IMR Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the IMR in Advanced Warfare!

The IMR is a four shot burst Assault Rifle featuring in Advanced Warfare. According to the guns description it has the best in class Damage. However, that is just not the case when used in combat. The Damage is moderate and in short range combat 1 burst will kill an enemy dropping off to 2 bursts at a distance. The Recoil is very low and the Foregrip attachment is not required.

The IMR’s Iron Sights is quite clear and very manageable so an Optical attachment is not entirely necessary. However, the Red Dot Sight or Hybrid works great for long range engagements. This gun is most effective in long to medium range combat and is suited to more defensive laid back play!


Best Variants.

The best Variants for the IMR are the Thunder Tusk(Elite), Hunter and Feedback(Marksman, 300 kills) The Thunder Tusk adds 3 to Accuracy while taking 1 from Handling. The Hunter adds 1 to Fire Rate sacrificing 1 to Handling. The Feedback Variant is achieved after 300 kills with the IMR. It adds 3 to Fire Rate taking 1 from Range and Accuracy. See below.


Weapon Stats/Technicals.

  • Damage – 35-24 or 3 shots to kill up close, 5 at a distance.
  • Headshot Multiplier – None or very little.
  • Rate of Fire – 978RPM.
  • Burst Delay – 0.167s.
  • Chamber Reload – 1.2s.
  • Fast Reload – 1.7s.
  • Empty Reload – 2.2s.
  • Raise/Drop Time – 1.23s/0.55s.


Class 1 – Keep your distance!

This class is built to defend objectives and keep your distance. The IMR with the Hybrid Sight is really effective at long range. Flak Jacket and the Exo Trophy system are great for when your’e hanging around flags and Hardpoints. Danger Close is an annoying perk but is great when your’e trying to clear objectives with explosives. Peripherals widens your view of the HUD and Hardwired will keep you protected from Stuns, EMP’s, System Hack etc. The combination of Flak Jacket, Hard Wired and Exo Trophy System renders you immune to literally everything enemies can throw at you. UAV, System Hack and Wardbird as Scorestreaks. UAV is fitted with Extra Assist Points to earn the other Scorestreaks faster and Enemy Direction which is a great one to have when defending. System Hack is fitted with Disable Exo Suit just to annoy your enemies and the Warbird is AI controlled.

Flak danger close


Class 2 – One Wood Runner!

This class is for the stealthy type with survival in mind. As mentioned above the IMR is a defensive weapon and should be used accordingly. The Red Dot Sight for long range gun fights and the MP443 One Wood for added Range. Lightweight and Low Profile to keep you fast and off the enemy radar. Gung-Ho in case you bump into an enemy. One burst at close range should kill if all shots are landed. Toughness so you flinch less which all adds to your accuracy especially when firing from a distance while being shot. Exo Stim for added health when you need it. Here the Tracking Drone is utilized and is good for finding enemies that may be trying to flank you from behind. The UAV, Orbital Care Package and Warbird as Scorestreaks. The UAV with Support so you keep that Scorestreak even if you die. The OCP has Better Odds activated which makes sure you get them high Scorestreaks. The Warbird has Extra Time activated to insure you get as many kills with it as possible.

Gung-Ho One Wood



Class 3 – Keep quiet and disappear!

Here the Suppressor, Low Profile and Exo Cloak will ensure you keep quiet and disappear if you need to. Flak Jacket will keep you protected from explosives, 2 direct impacts! The Cold Blooded perk will confuse the enemy as to whether your’e on their team by not showing your name when targeted. The Blast Suppressor will again contribute to even more stealth by stopping your Exo movements appearing on the HUD.  Two EMP grenades here to take out any enemy electronic Scorestreaks. Here the Scorestreaks are the UAV, Missile Strike and System Hack. UAV has Extra Assist Points activated to help you get your next Scorestreaks. When your’e playing busy Game modes like Momentum or Domination you will be surprised how quickly them assist points add up. The System Hack with Disable Exo Ability enabled to really put your enemies at a disadvantage. Not having your Exo sucks in this game.

Quiet bomber