Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Map Layouts

Throwback map

Below is a list of the Infinite Warfare multiplayer maps. Here you will find the following map layouts: Breakout, Crusher, Scorch, Retaliation, Frontier, Grounded, Precinct, Frost, Throwback, Terminal, Skydock, Mayday and Genesis.

Clans and any organisations can use these images no problem. A shoutout or backlink would be much appreciated, thanks.

Here you can also find the Infinite Warfare Hardpoint Locations and Rotations for every map in IW.

Frontier Map Layout

Frontier map

Frost Map Layout

Frost map

Precinct Map Layout

Precinct map

Throwback Map Layout

Throwback map

Terminal Map Layout

Terminal map

Grounded Map Layout

Grounded Map layout

Mayday Map Layout

Mayday map layout

Retaliation Map Layout

Retaliation map layout

Scorch Map Layout

Scorch map layout

Skydock Map Layout

Skydock Map layout

Genesis Map Layout

Genisis map layout

Crusher Map Layout

Crusher map layout

Breakout Map Layout

Breakout map layout

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