Is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Sci-Fi or Realistic?

Gameinformer recently carried out an interview with Sledgehammer games studio heads Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Schofield and Condrey discuss how they developed their ideas for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. They discuss how the game is not based on Sci-Fi and how the game is believable and relatable.

They want to make the game believable and relatable and Condrey says that this has the always been a strength of the Call of Duty franchise. Peoples beliefs of what the future will be like are usually so crazy and off. Condrey tells us about an article from the 70s that predicts what the future will be like, the future being today. The prediction is so “wrong” and “crazy” that there is flying spaceships and mega skyscrapers everywhere.



Codifornias Research….

Codifornia done a little research of its own on Sci-Fi in order to find out how realistic and believable the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is.



Mecha, Mechs madness…

Well to most of you who follow the world of science fiction will know the term Mecha or Mech’s. Mechs are robots that are controlled by people and Mecha is the genre in science fiction that refers to robots controlled by people. In other words, robots and people working together. Mech’s are becoming more and more real as science and technology push the boundaries of possibility. Both Japan and the US have been using Mech’s for quite some time now.

You can see from this picture that mech’s or something that quite resembles them are real and have been for a long time. Meet the walking truck (right) invented by General electrics in the mid 1960s. It has also been called the Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine (CAM).

Walking truck BndW


Crazy right, now look at Call of Dutys walking tank! Hmm any resemblance here. I think so!

COD walking tank

The Exo-skeleton…

As for their integration of the exo-skeleton suit into the new CoD. This has also been around since as early as the fifties and it is one Exo skeleton-Soldierthat I find so inspiring. Think about it, a mechanical suit that helps soldiers by taking the stress off their legs when carrying heavy loads for a long duration of time. Check this cool picture out on the right of an exoskeleton developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA.

Now take a look at CoDs exo suit and see what you think……

Exo skeleton-COD

Look at the circled areas where it is clear that the character is using some sort of exo-skeleton suit to enable him to jump into the air and use his limbs like a cat! Sick right.




Avatar like helicopters…

As for the Avatar like helicopters, to my surprise a bit of research revealed that these are very real .. or maybe I’m just not up to date with technology. Introducing the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey, these badboys have been in production since 1988 and where first launched in 2007. Have a look…. cool right!

V22 heli






Now take a look at Sledgehammers re-creation…

COD helis

Notice the titlrotors in both pictures which enables vertical take off and landing or VTOL. Slightly different design but more or less the same thing! Pretty sick huh!

To be honest when I first watched the video of them discussing how Advanced Warfare wasn’t Sci-Fi my initial reaction was “come on”!! But as I researched the various features of the game it seemed more believable as I found more and more real life examples. The only thing that I couldn’t find to be real was the hovering snowmobile like machines. We’ve all seen hovercraft’s but hovering snowmobiles have not yet been invented. You can rest assure that there is some crazy scientist looking into this one.

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