KF5 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants, Attachments for the KF5 in Advanced Warfare!

The KF5 is a fully automatic Sub Machine Gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It is a very viable and competitive SMG in close medium range combat.

The Iron Sights is usable in close quarter combat but gets very annoying at long range and can hinder the players view. An Optical Attachment like the Red Dot Sight is recommended if using the KF5 for longer range engagements. Recommended attachments for the KF5 are Advanced Rifling for added Range, Quickdraw, Red Dot Sight and the Foregrip.

The real fun begins with the Breakneck variant which adds 3 points to Fire Rate, this is one of the best variants in the game and count yourself lucky if you have it!


Best Variants.

The best KF5 variants are the Breakneck, Spanner (Both Elite) and the Genuine(Professional). The Breakneck adds 3 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Accuracy. The Spanner adds 3 to Range and takes 2 from Fire Rate and 1 from Handling. Rapid Fire is recommended with this Variant. The Genuine adds 1 to Damage and Accuracy and takes 1 from Range. This variant does not allow Optical attachments.


Weapon Stats

  • Damage: First 5 shots:¬†25-25 or 3-4 shots to kill. Rest of mag: 33-18 or 4 to 6 shots to kill.
  • Rate of Fire: 750RPM.
  • Range: Close to Medium.
  • Recoil: Moderate to high.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – KF5 Silent Profile

This class is a great Stealthy class. The KF5 is loaded with Extended Mags, Suppressor and Quickdraw. Low Profile and Lightweight in Perk 1, Peripherals in Perk 2 and Toughness in Perk 3. The Exo Ability here is Exo Overclock a great combo with Lightweight. Scorestreaks here are UAV with added Assist Points and the Orbital Care Package.

KF5 Silent Profile

Class 2 – Gung- Ho Blaster.

This class is great for SnD or rushing in general. The KF5 here is equipped with the Red Dot Sight and the Laser Sight. Lightweight as Perk 1, Gung-Ho as Perk 2 and Blast Suppressor and Hard Wired as Perk 3. Gung-Ho and Laser Sight go great together when Hip Firing. Exo Ability is the Exo Stim and two Threat Grenades in the Exo Launcher. Scorestreaks used here are the Missile Strike and System Hack with Added Time and Disable Enemy Exo’s.

KF5 Gung Ho Blaster

Class 3 – Going for Gold.

This class works great for them long Killstreaks/Scorestreaks. The KF5 is kitted with Stock, Firegrip and Advanced Rifling. Lightweight in Perk 1, Cold Blooded in Perk 2 and Scavenger in Perk 3. Exo Overclock is used here as the Exo Ability. The RW1 is a handy secondary in any class because of the high damage, but be accurate you only get one shot. Scorestreaks here are the UAV with added Assist Points, the Missile Strike and the Bombing Run.

KF5 Going for Gold

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