KRM 262 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the KRM 262 in Black Ops 3

KRM 262 Aware

The KRM-262 is a pump action shotgun in Black Ops 3. It kills in 1 shot in close quarters combat and 2 from medium range dropping off to 3 or more from long range.

The weapons damage is its high point and should only really be used in close quarter combat. It works great on maps like Nuketown where there are lots of close engagements. The weapon takes long to reload so Fast Mags is recommended below.

Recommended attachments for the KRM-262 are the Long Barrel, Quickdraw and Fast Mags.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 1-2 shots to kill 3 from far
  • Recoil: low

Have a look at iSynthesise’s video where he breaks down the KRM shotgun and gets some sick gameplay too.

Best Class setups

Class 1 – KRM-262 Go for Gold

This class is great for getting them high scorestreaks. The KRM is loaded with Stock and Fast Mags with the MR6 as secondary. Equipment used here is the Trip Mine and Black Hat. Perks are Ghost, Ante Up and Scavenger.

KRM 262 Go for Gold

Class 2 – KRM 262 Stealth

This class is great for those just out for kills and staying of the radar. The KRM is loaded with the Suppressor, Quickdraw and Fast Mags, a great combo for rushing. Keep everything else empty and stock up on perks. Perks here are Ghost, Hard Wired, Dead Silence and Blast Suppressor.

KRM 262 Stealth

Class 3 – KRM-262 Awareness is key

This class is built for players who like to defend and stay aware of enemies nearby. The KRM-262 is kitted with Long Barrel and Laser Sight with the L-Car 9 as secondary. Equipment used here is the Trip Mine and 2 shock charges. Perks are Ghost, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask.

KRM 262 Aware
KRM 262 Aware


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