L-CAR 9 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the L-CAR 9 in Black Ops 3

LCAR 9 Long Barrel

The L-CAR 9 is a fully automatic pistol in Black Ops 3. The L-CAR9 works great in close quarters combat because of its high rate of fire. It’s a great spray and pray weapon when your damaged and all hope is lost. Whip it out and hope for the best.

The L-CAR 9 is a fun weapon to use with Dual Wield or Akimbo attached, reminiscent of the KAP-40’s in Black Ops 2 hosing down enemies in seconds.

Recommended Attachments for the L-CAR 9 are the Extended Mags, Laser Sight and Fast Mags. Akimbo is also a great attachment for messing about with the L-CAR 9.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 30-29-22-19 or 4-6 shots to kill
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.1x Headshot
  • Range: Close
  • Rate of Fire: 720RPM fully auto

Best Class setups

Class 1 – L-CAR 9 Akimbo

This class is great fir messing around and annoying people. The primary is left empty with 2 slots available for the players choice. The L-CAR 9 is loaded with Dual Wield. Equipment used here is Thermite and EMP with Sixth Sense, Hard Wired and Blast Suppressor as perks.

LCAR 9 Akimbo

Class 2 – L-CAR 9 2 in 1

This class is great for players who like some extra bullets in that clip, the L-CAR 9 runs out pretty fast so it could save you when in the enemies spawn. The L-CAR 9 is loaded with Extended Mags. Perks here are Flak Jacket, Ante Up and Tactical Mask. The Primary slot left open for the player to choose.

LCAR 9 Extended Mags

Class 3 – L-CAR 9 Long Barrel

This class is great for those that like a little more range in their shots. The L-CAR 9 is fitted with the Long Barrel attachment. Perks equipped here are Ghost, Quickdraw, Tactical Mask and Blast Suppressor. Again the primary is empty for the player to choose.

LCAR 9 Long Barrel