Lynx Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the Lynx Sniper Rifle in Advanced Warfare!

The Lynx is a Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle in Advanced Warfare which made its first appearance in Ghosts. The Lynx is a relatively weak Sniper Rifle in comparison to the other Sniper Rifle’s in Advanced Warfare.

Because of the Damage Multipliers on this weapon, it can achieve a one shot kill with a Headshot only. The Recoil is low to medium and the sway is controllable with the Ballistic CPU attached.

Recommended Attachments for the Lynx are the Ballistic CPU to control the sway. The ACOG or Iron Sights turns the Lynx into a nice marksman type rifle, combined with Stock will make you a lot harder to hit in medium to long range engagements.

TOP TIP: Use the Suppressor with the Lynx – it has little or no effect on the Damage rating.

Best Variants.

The best Lynx variants are the Tack-Driver(Elite), Snake Oil(Marksman) and the Quarterback(Professional). The Tack-Driver adds 3 to Accuracy, taking 1 from Damage, Fire Rate and Handling. The Snake Oil adds 2 to Handling and takes 1 from Fire Rate and Mobility. The Combatant is also a great variant which adds 2 to Handling and takes 2 from Accuracy.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 70 or 2 shots to kill with the exception of Headshots.
  • Damage Multipliers: Headshot – 1.5x. Neck & Upper Torso – 1.1x.
  • Recoil: Moderate.
  • Rate of Fire: 400RPM

Source: codwiki.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Sneaky Rusher.

This class is great for the stealthy type. The Lynx has the Ballistic CPU attached. Perks are Lightweight, Low Profile, Blind Eye, Toughness and Blast Suppressor. Exo Hover ability as the Exo Ability. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and the Bombing Run.

Lynx Sneaky Assassin

Class 2 – Iron Trickshotting.

This class is great when using the Lynx like a marskman rifle or in medium range combat. The Lynx is kitted with the Ironsights and the RW1 as secondary. Perks here are Lightweight, Peripherals, Toughness and Hard Wired. Exo Cloak and Hover for the ultimate trolling experience. Scorestreaks here ere the UAV and the XS1 vulcan.

Lynx Iron Trickshotting

Class 3 – Bulldog.

This class is great for all round play styles. The Lynx is kitted with the ACOG and Stock combined with the Bulldog for close range engagements. Perks here are Lightweight, Fast Hands and Blast Suppressor. Exo Stim as the Ability and the Tracking Drone in the launcher. Scorestreaks here are the UAV, Orbital Care Package and System Hack.

Lynx Bulldog