M1 Irons Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the M1 Irons in Advanced Warfare!

The M1 Irons is a Revolver pistol in Advanced Warfare. Although it is a pistol it is in the Special weapon category. The gun can kill in 2 shots up close range and 3 at medium range, similar to the ASM1 or Bal. It just depends on the speed of the players trigger finger.

The M1 Irons variants are all named with a cowboy/wild west theme to reflect the old cowboy revolver shootem up style of the weapon.

Recommended attachments for the M1 Irons are Quickdraw and Advanced Rifling.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 54 – 34 – 33 or 2 shots at close range, 3 at medium range and 4 at long range.
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.4x.
  • Range: 2 shot kill = 20m, 3 shot kill 30m.
  • Rate of Fire: 600RPM.
  • Reload speed: Very fast.
  • Recoil: Very low.

Source: Drift0r.

Best Variants

The best variants for the M1 Irons are Unforgiving Truth(Elite) Outlaw(Elite) and Showdown(Professional). Unforgiving Truth adds 1 to Accuracy, Range and Handling taking 1 from Damage, Fire Rate and Mobility. Outlaw adds 1 to Fire Rate and 2 to Mobility taking 2 from Range. The Showdown adds 1 to Range and takes 1 from Mobility but comes with integrated Akimbo so you don’t have to waste a class point.

Best Classes

Class 1 – M1 Irons Akimbo Warrior

This class is great getting around the map quick with the M1 Irons. Here you will use the Showdown variant with built in Akimbos and Advanced Rifling. The Heavy Shield as a secondary to protect your back. Perks are Lightweight, Fast Hands, Toughness and Scavenger. Two Stuns in the Exo Launcher and Exo Overclock as your ability. No image!

  • Weapon: M1 Irons – Showdown
  • Attachments:  Advanced Rifling
  • Secondary: Heavy Shield
  • Perks: Lightweight, Fast Hands, Toughness, Scavenger
  • Exo Launcher: Stuns X2
  • Exo Ability: Exo Overclock

Class 2 – M1 Irons Akimbo Drones

This class is great for messing around with and having fun. You’re guaranteed to get them Scorestreaks too because you’re running support on three. Here the M1 Irons is loaded with the Akimbo attachments. Exo Overclock and two Explosive Drones in the Launcher. Scorestreaks here are the UAV, Orbital Care Package, Remote Turret and the Aerial Assault Drone.

M1 Irons class 2


Class 3 – Advanced Laser

This class is great for long range hip fire gameplay. Here the M1 Irons is loaded with Laser Sight and Advanced Rifling. Perks are Low Profile, Flak Jacket, Peripherals, Scavenger and Blast Suppressor. The Exo Launcher is loaded with a Frag and UAV as a scorestreak.

M1 Irons class 1


Classes by: YouTubeDude Gaming, TmarTn and Karnage Clan.