M16 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the M16 in Advanced Warfare!

The M16 is a 3 round burst Assault Rifle in Advanced Warfare. Along with the AK47 this is another returning weapon from old school Call of Duty titles. The M16 first appeard in Black Ops 1 which went great with the games Vietnam setting. There was nothing like running around Jungle with an M16 and the Flamethrower attached…good times.

When the M16 was first released on Xbox on the 1st of September it was nothing special and received a lot of criticism for being under-powered and pretty much useless. It has since been patched which has improved the weapons range significantly. It now kills with one burst from 16 meters away, double that of what is was pre-patch.

Recommended attachments for the M16 are the Red Dot Sight, Foregrip and Extended Mags.

Weapon stats

  • Damage: 45 – 30 – 25 or 3 to 4 shots kill.
  • Rate of Fire: 720RPM
  • Mag Size: 30

Best Variants

The best M16 variants are the Royalty(Elite), Warpig(Legendary) and the Bull Trap(Professional). The Royalty adds 1 point to Range, Handling and Mobility and takes 2 from Fire Rate. The Warpig adds 1 to Accuracy and Range and takes 1 from Mobility. The Bull Trap adds 1 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Damage.

Best Class setups

Class 1 – Head Banger

This class is great for quick and fast kills. The M16 is kitted with Red Dot Sight, Extended Mags and Foregrip. Perks used here are Lightweight, Blind eye, Toughness and Scavenger. Exo Overclock in the Exo Ability slot with UAV and System Hack both modded as Scorestreaks.

m16 class 1

Class 2 – M16 Eat my Bacon

This class is great for them long killstreaks and playing more conservatively. The M16 War Pig is equipped with Quickdraw Grip, Extended Mags and Red Dot Sight. Perks are Low Profile, Blind Eye, Toughness and Scavenger with a Semtex in the launcher. Scorestreaks are the UAV and System hack with mods.



M16 Class 2