M8A7 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the M8A7 in Black Ops 3

M8A7 Noob friendly

The M8A7 is a four round burst Assault Rifle in Black Ops 3. Similar to the M8a1 from Black Ops 2 this weapon can kill in 1 burst from short to medium range engagements. Dropping off to 2 bursts at long distance.

The M8A7 will no doubt be a hot choice on the Call of Duty Competitive scene this year.

Recommended Attachments for the M8A7 are the Stock, Quickdraw and Long Barrel and/or optic of players choice.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 30-22 or 4 shots(one burst) at medium to close range, 2 at long range
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.1x or 10% more damage for headshots
  • Recoil: Low
  • Range: Long, kills in 1 burst from 38 meters
  • Rate of Fire: 1150RPM per burst

Best Class setups 

Class 1 – M8a7 Fast but Cautious

This class is great for players who like to play fast but cautious. The M8A7 is fitted with the Reflex  and Rapid Fire with the L-CAR 9 as secondary. The only equipment here is the Combat Axe. Perks are Sixth Sense, Tracker, Ante Up and Awareness.

M8A7 Fast but cautious

Class 2 – Noob Friendly

This class is for those that are new to using burst weapons, it can be hard to use them at first. You need to be patient. The M8A7 is loaded with the BOA 3 Optic and Long Barrel with the RK5 with Long Barrel as secondary. Equipment used is C4 and 1 Smoke Screen. Perks are Ghost and Sixth Sense.

M8A7 Noob friendly

Class 3 -M8a7 Defending

This loadout is for you players that excel at defending. You guys that love to sit back and defend the objective. The M8A7 is loaded with Quickdraw and Stock with the XM-53 as secondary. Semtex and 2 Trophy Systems as equipment. Flak Jacket, Scavenger and Tactical Mask as perks.

M8A7 Defending