MK14 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the MK14 in Advanced Warfare!

The MK14 is a Semi Automatic Assault Rifle in Advanced Warfare. It is Semi Auto so naturally has the best accuracy among the Assault Rifles. The weapon is best utilized in long to medium range combat which is normal of Semi Automatic AR’s. It is not recommended to use as a run and gun weapon because it is out gunned by every other fully automatic weapon due to their natural higher fire rate.

It is a 3 shot to kill weapon at medium range and can kill with 2 shots at close range if both shots hit the chest or above. From long range it kills at 4 shots which is rather disappointing for a Semi Auto. The Iron Sights are rather cluttered so using an optical attachment is recommended, especially at long ranges. The Recoil is very manageable at close range but gets difficult if taking shots from a distance. A Foregrip is recommended to counteract this.


Best Variants.

The best variants are the Eagle Eye, Eclipse (both Elite) and the Desecrator(Professional). The Eagle Eye adds 1 to Accuracy and 2 to Range and features integrated Quickdraw. It takes 1 from Mag Size and the attachment options are limited on this variant. The Eclipse adds 1 to Damage and 2 to Accuracy while sacraficing 1 to Fire Rate and Handling. The Desecrator adds 2 to Accuracy and takes 2 from Mobility.


Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 48-25, 3 shots at close range or 2 if hit in chest area – 4 shots to kill at range.
  • Damage Multiplier: x1.2 Headshot, x1.1 Upper Torso.
  • Reload Times: Fast – 1.2s, Normal – 1.7s, Empty – 2.6s.
  • Rate of Fire: 631RPM.
  • Recoil: Moderate to Low.

Source: codwiki.


Class 1 – Moving targets are harder to hit!

This class works great when just holding off and defending objectives, for example from a rooftop. The Quickdraw and Stock works great if enemies try and get too close and move in on your position. The Red Dot Sight or some sort of Optical attachment is recommended on this weapon because of the awkward Iron Sights. Low Profile to stop UAVs, Peripherals in case your’e being flanked from behind and Hardline so you can get them Scorestreaks quicker. Exo Ping is also great for when your’e near an objective and want to know where enemies are hiding for example, inside the Hardpoint. The RW1 works great for when enemies get too close providing a 1 shot kill most of the time. Scorestreaks are UAV, Missile Strike and the Bombing Run.


Hard to hit



Class 2 – Smart Defending!

This class is for those who like to be smart while defending. For those that like to stick to the sides of the map and encourage long range engagements. Here the Hybrid Sight with the Foregrip is used for more precise shots from a distance. Lightweight and Low Profile makes sure your’e fast and invisible on the enemy radar. Fast Hands will make sure you pull your Atlas 45 out fast if you need to and Toughness to keep your arm strong and ADS steady. Exo Ping is great if your’e capping flags and want to know where the enemy is coming from. The Tracking Drone works great if you have that feeling you are being flanked. The Scorestreaks used here are the Orbital Care Package and the XS1 Vulcan with an additional beam.



Smart Defending



Class 3 – TDM MK14.

This class works great in TDM for quick pace yet laid back game play. The MK14 is loaded out with the Red Dot, Suppressor and the Laser Sight. The Laser is a bit iffy here but it just makes the hip fire a little bit easier. However, the MK14 shouldn’t be used in CQB so the PDW is here to help you if need be. Flak Jacket to protect you from explosives and Lightweight to make up for the lost pace from wearing FJ. Blind Eye will protect you from all Scorestreaks bar the UAV and Blast Suppressor will have you bouncing around the map like a Ninja. Exo Overclock  will keep you super fast combined with Lightweight. The UAV Scorestreak here with faster radar sweeps will make your team mates love you.

TDM hushed