Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Map Layouts

Crash map layout

Here are the Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Map Layouts as images. The 10 maps currently in the game are here. We will update this post with the other 6 maps when they become available. Raven has said that they will be available in December.

We will also be updating the website with Modern Warfare Remastered Headquarters Rotations and weapon guides over the coming days, stay tuned.

Vacant Map Layout – MWR

Vacant map layout

Shipment Map Layout – MWR

Shipment map layout

Overgrown Map Layout – MWR

Overgrown map layout

Downpour Map Layout – MWR

Downpour map layout

District Map Layout – MWR

District map layout

Crossfire Map Layout – MWR

Crossfire map layout

Crash Map Layout – MWR

Crash map layout

Bog Map Layout – MWR

Bog map layout

Backlot Map Layout – MWR

Backlot map layout

Ambush Map Layout – MWR

Ambush map layout