MORS Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the MORS in Advanced Warfare!

The MORS is a single shot Bolt Action Railgun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It fires an electromagnetic round similar to the RW1.

The MORS is probably the most popular Sniper Rifle in the game and one you will see the most. It is very accurate and tends to be a one shot kill at most ranges if hit anywhere above the waist bar the arms. A nice feature of the MORS is that you do not have to reload after every few shots, unlike previous Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Not a lot of people know but you can hold down the fire button and the MORS will just keep firing automatically. Recommended attachments are the Ballistic CPU and the Stock. However, The Ballistic CPU is favored before any other attachment.

According to Drift0r, the variants do not change the one shot kill areas, whether or not they increase or decrease Damage on the weapon stats. Something to keep in mind.

Best Variants.

The best MORS variants are The Doctor, The Silver Bullet and the Quickbolt. The Doctor adds 2 to Fire Rate and 1 to Handling, taking 1 from Damage, Accuracy and Mobility. The Silver Bullet adds 2 to Damage and 1 to Accuracy, taking 2 from Fire Rate and 1 from Handling. The Quickbolt adds 1 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Mobility.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 98 plus taking into account Damage Multipliers below.
  • Damage Multipliers: Headshot: 1.5x , Neck and upper and lower torso: 1.1x.
  • Reload Time: 1.2s.
  • Rate of Fire: 47RPM. Bolt Action.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Cold Blooded.

In this class the MORS is kitted with the ACOG Scope and the Stock. Perk 1 is Lightweight, Perk 2 is Cold Blooded which will keep you hidden from other snipers using Thermal. Perk 3 is Blast Suppressor. Your secondary here is the Bulldog because of the high Damage in close range. Exo Cloak in the Exo Ability and the Tracking Drone in the Exo Launcher. Scorestreaks here are the UAV, Missile Strike and the Bombing Run.

MORS - Cold Blooded

Class 2 – MORS Double EXO.

Here the Ballistic CPU is loaded on the MORS. This is great for reducing sway and increasing accuracy especially when taking shots from a distance. The RW1 as a Secondary. Lightweight as Perk 1, Peripherals as Perk 2 and Toughness and Hard Wired as Perk 3. Here you will use 2 Exo Abilities, Exo Cloak and Exo Stim. Exo Stim will give you some extra health if you need it. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and the Missile Strike.


Class 3 – MORS Sneaky Sniper.

This is a great stealth class, here the MORS is kitted with the Ballistic CPU. Secondary used here is the MP443 Grach. Perk 1 is Lightweight and Low Profile, Perk 2 is Fast Hands so you can switch to your pistol quicker and Perk 3 is Toughness and Blast Suppressor. The Exo Ability is Exo Hover which can be quite effective if an enemy is not expecting you around a corner. They don’t expect you to be hovering above. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and the System Hack.

MORS Sneaky Sniper