MP443 Grach Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the MP443 in Advanced Warfare!

The MP443 Grach is a 2 shot burst Pistol in Advanced Warfare. The MP443 Grach can be used in most classes because of its fast Fire Rate and moderate Damage. This pistol will suit most playing styles because of the reasons mentioned.

The recommended Attachments for the MP443 are Advanced Rifling for some added Range and the Akimbo for some added fun and Fire Rate.

Best Variants.

The best variants for the MP443 Grach are the Hasty(Marskman), Dimension(Enlisted) and Snappy(Professional) The Hasty adds 2 to Range and takes 2 from Handling. This variant is unlocked after 300 kills with the MP443. The Dimension adds 1 to Range and takes 1 from Handling. The Snappy adds 1 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Accuracy. This variant comes with integrated Akimbo. See below.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 35-20 or 3-5 shots
  • Damage Multipliers: 1.4x.
  • Rate of Fire: 800RPM per burst/480 overall. With Akimbo – 750RPM per burst, 461 overall.

Source: codwiki.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – MP443 Silenced.

This class is great for stealthy game modes like SnD and FFA. The MP443 is loaded with the Suppressor and Laser Sight. Perks are Lightweight, Low Profile, Gung-Ho and Blast Suppressor. Exo Ability is Exo Overclock and a Stun Grenade in the launcher.

MP443 Silenced

Class 2 – MP443 Akimbo Defender.

This class is great for having fun and annoying people. The MP443 is kitted with the Akimbo attachment. Perks here are Danger Close, Lightweight, Blind Eye and Toughness. The Exo Ability here is Exo Trophy System. Two Semtex in the launcher. The UAV and Orbital Care Package as the Scorestreaks.

MP443 Akimbo Defender

Class 3 – MP443 Advanced Rifling.

This is a basic all rounder class for all play styles. The MP443 and Advanced Rifling work great for that extra range. Perks are Flak Jacket, Peripherals and Toughness. Exo Stim as the Exo Ability and 2 Threat Grenades in the Launcher. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and the Orbital Care Package.

MP443 Advanced Rifling