NA-45 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the NA-45 in Advanced Warfare!

The NA-45 is a Semi Automatic 2 round Sniper Rifle in Advanced Warfare. This Sniper Rifle is unique in its ability to fire explosive rounds.

The first shot fired is called the Primer, the second shot called the Catalyst will trigger the first shot to explode if nearby, within a 6.5m radius to be exact. The Primer must hit the same surface of the Catalyst round in order to explode. The rifle is relatively weak compared to the MORS or Atlas 20mm and the first round of the NA-45 will not kill in one shot unless the player hits the head.

Recommended Attachments for the NA-45 is the Ballistic CPU because of the high sway of the rifle. The ACOG sight and the Tracker work great on the NA-45 also.


Best Variants.

The best NA-45 variants are the Ravager(Elite) and the HE(Enlisted). The Ravager adds 3 to Damage and takes 3 from Fire Rate. The HE adds 1 to Damage and takes 1 from Accuracy.

Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 30 Standard Round, 130-15 Explosion.
  • Damage Multipliers: Headshot – 3.5x. Neck and Torso – 1.1x.
  • Rate of Fire: 750RPM.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Danger Close.

This class is great for Snipers who like to stay far from the battlefield. The NA-45 has the Variable Zoom Scope attached with the MP443 Grach as a secondary. Perks here are Danger Close, Overcharged, Fast Hands and Hard Wired. The Exo Ability is Exo Cloak with 2 Semtex in the Launcher. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and System Hack.

NA45 Danger Close


Class 2 – Ballistic Tracker.

This class is great for game modes like SND where one has to be stealthy and quick. The NA-45 is loaded with the Ballistic CPU and the Tracker with the PDW as a secondary. Perks are Low Profile, Lightweight, Cold-Blooded and Blast Suppressor. Here there is 2 Exo Abilities activated, Exo Overclock and Exo Mute Device. Scorestreaks here are the UAV.

NA45 Ballistic Tracker



 Class 3 – ACOG.

This class is great for messing around. The NA-45 has the ACOG, Stock and Tracker equipped. Perks are Flak Jacket, Peripherals, Scavenger and Toughness. The Exo Ability is Exo Stim with the Scorestreaks Orbital Care Package and the XS1 Vulcan activated.