New Infinite Warfare Patch 11/11/16 updates camos, Infected mode added and more

A new patch has gone live for Infinite Warfare on PS4 and Xbox One. The patch is version 1.04 and is just over 1GB on PS4 and just under 1GB on Xbox One.

There is no patch notes as of yet but here is what has changed so far form our observation.

  • Infected Mode added
  • Camos now cover more of the weapons
  • Prestige icons are now bigger in lobbies 
  • Status of lobby location now in top right of screen
  • Now see other players stats in lobby
  • Pick 10 points are now blue in custom classes
  • SnD now showing how many players left alive in HUD
  • New taunts added for all Combat rigs
  • Custom Games now shows map icons
  • When dead, killcam now shows players emblem/calling card and killfeed
  • Camos now show rarity when in choose camo screen

We will update this post when the patch notes are released.

  • THEShinzuu

    Wow. Quite possibly the worst, and most useless initial patch in CoD history.