UPDATE – New theory on how to unlock Specialist Classified “Hero” Gear in Black Ops 3

UPDATE: It has been solved, we have posted a new article on how to really unlock the Hero Specialist Gear in Black Ops 3 here.

Original Post/Theory

So a lot of people have been wondering how to unlock the Classified Specialist gear in Black Ops 3. It’s a tricky one and its driving everyone crazy. We had a hunch it was something to do with the stories/missions and numbers on the back of the Specialists Cards. The Specialists are no doubt linked somehow.

A guy on YouTube posted a video on how to do it. He has the same idea that the Specialists are linked by their numbers and media on the back of their cards. Here’s how he says it works:

  • So you unlock all the gear for your chosen Specialist say Ruin for example
  • If you flip the card for Ruin you will see his stories/assignments, they are numbered like 5.1, 6.1 etc
  • According to this theory, Outrider and Spectre fit Ruins story. If you go to Ruins card and hover over them/read the assignments, you will see assignments linked with Outrider and Spectre when you listen to the audio. The audio will tell you to contact one of the other Specialists
  • Now if you go to Outriders card and look for the corresponding assignment(they are linked by number), you need to complete that. According to him the same assignments should correspond with Spectre
  • So unlock all the gear for the characters(Spectre and Outrider) featured in Ruins Card, then the Hero Gear will declassify itself giving you a assignment to complete for the Hero Gear

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Why are you reading this article? If you want to unlock the HERO GEAR in Black Ops 3. Click HERE, this theory has been disproven and we have posted a new article that shows you how to do it.

Explanation in images

On the back of Ruins card go to “5.1 Transmission” and play the audio. When you play audio it appears on right corner and says 5.2 Contact Outrider. It also says 5.3 Contact Spectre when you listen to the audio associated with Ruin 5.1 Transmission. Now when you have done that go to the corresponding Specialists and do the assignments related to them. See image below.

Ruin contact spectre

With the info from above go to Spectre or Outriders assignments and do the assignments that Ruins card has told you to do. The theory is that when you do all the assignments related to each of them, Ruins Classified Assignment will declassify itself giving you an assignment to get the Hero Gear.

Info go to spectre



Theory VIA: J Larks


  • player_3

    how come in the transmission data for 6.1 and 7.1 Ruin it says ‘outrider’, but shows a picture of battery though and battery is talking?! Mistake by treyarch? would be a pain to work all the way through outrider to find out it was supposed to be batter or viceversa

    • That is strange, I think another person has reported that too actually. It’s probably a simple patch but it’s shit for the player! Like you said work all the way through outrider just to find out you’re doing wrong. Hope you get it sorted man 🙂

      • ConFuzzled

        I have everything unlocked for every specialist and still can’t get classified armor…. Wtf do i do now?

        • Has the classified assignments unlocked yet? This will happen when you unlock all the gear for all specialists. Make sure it’s done for head and body!

  • rubykavalier

    Any idea who groups up with Seraph? Her card doesn’t have any images on it and the other specialist bios don’t really give any clues.

    • Not sure man, have you listened to her audio ?

      • rubykavalier

        Yeah. It’s just about her growing up to be an Enforcer for the 54I; I didn’t hear any mentions of other specialists. Apparently she cut off her own arm in order to get the cybernetic one put on, though. That was fun.

        • haha epic what a bad bisssh haha.. Sorry I dont know Seraphs man, hope you figure it out 🙂

  • Amman

    someone was wearing it the other day i asked them they said they got it in a rare supply drop

    • That’s interesting there has been a few people reporting different things. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    • Vinyl Scratch

      If it was from a supply drop wouldn’t it not be the hero gear? I thought there was a black market section for teh gear from supply drops and such :p

      • Ye true it doesn’t make sense. Hero gear definitely needs to be unlocked via an assignment. When it declassifies itself that it hah. Getting it declassified is the mystery lol

  • Gio

    Why is the Outrider pic a picture of the Battery…

    • I know it’s confusing and annoying a lot of people 🙁

    • Joshua David Guide

      Cuz that screeen doesnt exist. It does not give you images of anyone. You just listen to the transmission and figure out what other specialist it mentions and unlock all their gear.then you can get gear assignments for hero armor of first specialist.

      • Joe

        nope, on my game it says Outrider but is a picture of battery and speaks like battery.. they just fucked up the names.. there isnt a ‘spectre’ either.

        and half the transmissions you got wrong.. 4.1 isnt an audio.

        • Ye the pic definitely exists, ye I think they fucked up too, and thanks for pointing out that typo in the explanation… my bad. Remember its just a theory to help you guys out 🙂 best of luck with it.

    • Joshua David Guide

      Cuz that screeen doesnt exist. It does not give you images of anyone. You just listen to the transmission and figure out what other specialist it mentions and unlock all their gear.then you can get gear assignments for hero armor of first specialist.

  • Joshua David Guide

    You listen to the transmission they will give you a hint as to the other specialist needed to max out. For battery it is ruin. For seraph it is battery. This is the info i have gotten so far.

  • Wermensch Kind

    When i listen to the audio 5.1 from the spectre it says not to contact someone but by 6.1 it says contact ruin
    Now i have to do all the missions from ruin to unlock the next info from spectre?

    • Yes something along them lines. That’s how the theory works. Try it I suppose you have nothing to lose 🙂 best of luck

      • Wermensch Kind

        Thx 🙂

  • jade

    I have one of the classified head pieces for fire break its the second one its called night. I got it in a supply drop can provide pics for proof if needed

  • Kaly

    Do you know who groups up with battery? I didn’t hear any names.

    • Hi kaly 🙂 the specialists arent linked . This post was a theory that has been debunked. If you want the hero gear you have to unlock all the gear for all specialists then the classified assignment will unlock. Follow the link at the start of the post above for further details. Hope it helps 🙂