Patch Notes below: New Update now live on Xbox One & 360: 3/3/15 – 15 more Prestiges, Ranked Play probation & more.

Just in, we are getting reports that there is now an update available to download for Xbox One and 360 users. The update is a 1.7GB download and features the all new Grand Master Prestige. Grand Master Prestige adds 15 more prestige levels to Advanced Warfare. Time to get your grind on people, for more information on GMP, check it out over here.

Confirmed Patch list so far.

>Exo Zombies now has pause feature.
>Ranked Play now has probation for early leavers/quitters.
>Season pass owners have early access to Ohm Heavy Weapon and Werewolf Variant which will be featured in the upcoming Ascendance DLC.
>Broadcaster mode has had many tweaks and changes.
>Grand Master Prestige has been added.
>There is a new Challenge menu layout.
>Leaderboards for Gun Game and Killfeed Challenges have been added.

There is no patch notes available yet and no time has been given for when the update will be available on other platforms but stay tuned for updates.

Xbox One Patch Notes

In-Game Updates:
Full Royalty Character Loot Set unlocked.
Connectivity Optimizations.
Connectivity and matchmaking improvements when in a party.
Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.
Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
Fixed a rare issue where players were not able to spawn into the game.
Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn without a gun.
Connectivity improvement to Xbox Live servers when returning from Energy-Saving mode.
Added the ability for purchased Create-A-Class slots to appear in Private Matches.
Fixed a rare crash issue with signing out with one player while split screen.
Players will now be shown a “Player does not own the map pack” message when a player without the Havoc DLC joins their party.

Weapon Balancing Updates (Note: Adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants):
Heavy weapons: increase player movement speed by 5%
Corrected scopes on the AE4.
MK14 – reduced recoil
ARX160 – increased magazine size
AMR9 – increased damage, decreased time between bursts
SN6 – reduced recoil
KF5 – mid damage range increased
Atlas 45 – mid damage range increased, max damage range increased
PDW – increased damage
Shotguns: reduced spread when using Gung-Ho
S12 – increased fire rate, increased damage
EPM3 – reduced recoil
Lynx – reduced recoil
ASM1 – slightly reduced initial fire rate

UI Updates:
Rare Supply Drop Error messages when opening fixed.
Added a display for how many free slots you have in the Armory from the “Redeem Items” menu.
Replaced the camouflage images for Diamond and Royalty with the correct images in the Create-A-Class menu.
Replaced the Valkyrie loadout for the Centurion loadout for players who were incorrected rewarded this character gear in Clan Wars.
Fixed an issue where duplicates of unlocked items were showing in the New Items list.
Fixed an issue where some Create-A-Class were showing the incorrect lock status when selecting a Permanent Unlock when Prestiging.
Adjusted kill feed speed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.

Challenges Updates:
Removed ability to earn more than one of a non-redeemable character gear from the Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
Players will no longer receive a Daily Supply Drop Challenge for non-redeemable gear they have already acquired.
Removed the incorrect challenge for the Crossbow Scope to unlock at 10 kills.

Store Update:
Players with other profiles who purchased DLC on the same console are now able to properly purchase DLC on their own profile.

Emblem Updates:
Fixed an issue where the Emblem would sometimes apply incorrectly to the player card.

Scorestreak Updates:
Sentry Gun turrets now die in one melee hit.
Decreased the amount of time the player has to hold X to exit a remote controlled Sentry Turret.
Unmodified Missile Strike missiles now travel faster when boosting (by hitting the fire button while coming down).
The Vulcan laser scorestreak now fires longer.

Ranked Play Updates:
Added probation time for players who do not complete or disconnect from Ranked Play matches.
Will properly award Division Points in the case of a forfeited match (when the entire other team leaves).

Broadcaster Updates
Adjusted the colors and over all look for Broadcaster mode to make text and names easier to read and a better experience for viewers.
Fixed a rare issue where HUD elements would get stuck on the broadcaster’s screen.

Game Mode Specific Updates:
S&D: Added UI to show if you were attacking or defending at the start of the round.
One Shot: Increased Kill Confirmed score limit to 80 in the One Shot Mosh Pit playlist.
Gun Game: Added a leaderboard for Gun Game.
Momentum: Adjusted spawn locations for the Drift map.
Uplink: Fixed an issue where the satellite drone could get stuck on the Clown Inn sign.

Map Specific Updates:
Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
Fixed an issue where Orbital Care Packages were removed from areas of the map on Drift after the dynamic map event.
Fixed an issue where indestructible objects would show up on the Sideshow map.
Adjusted the A Bomb site location on Sideshow.
Fixed a performance issue with some of the dynamic map pieces on the Core map.
Adjusted spawns locations for the Drift map..
Fixed Aerial Assault Drone and Recon Drone out of world exploits on the Sideshow map.

Exo Survival Updates:
Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.

Exo Zombies Updates
Added ability for players to pause the game in single-player Private match.
Fixed an issue where players were not able to join a match together while in a party.
Fixed various out of map exploits where players could remain in place and not be attacked by zombies.
Removed the ability for host to start the match before players were ready in a Private Match setting.
Fixed an issue for the 20/20 Achievement so weapons that are reacquired after leveling it up to level 20 still count towards the achievement status.
Exo Zombies intro movie is now skippable.
Fixed a rare crash issue in Exo Zombies.
Fixed an issue where certain camos were missing for the ARX160.
Fixed an issue where the pop-up messaging for Player 2 could only be closed by Player 1.
Fixed a rare issue where the After Action Report was showing the incorrect map information after joining a Private Match.

Xbox 360 Patch Notes.

DLC 1 Havoc New Content:
New Maps Added for Multiplayer and Exo Survival: Drift, Urban, Core, and Sideshow.
New Mode Added: Exo Zombies.
New Weapon Added: AE4, and 10 of the AE4 variants have been added to the loot pool.
Added DLC playlists; HAVOC TDM and HAVOC Mosh Pit

In-Game Updates:
Adjusted the center point of some sniper scopes.
Increased the timing between kills to count Multikills.
Fixed a rare crash issue when switching profiles for guest users.
Fixed a rare crash issue when using camos on a weapon.
Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
Various matchmaking and connectivity improvements.
Fixed issue where announcer’s voice ignores the in-game option to disable it.
Fixed a rare issue when the Riot Shield would not be selected when changing classes.
Various adjustments to the Riot Shield; including model popping up at random, mantling onto, jumping off from, and interaction with grenades.
Fixed an exploit of rapidly firing a bolt action gun while sprinting.
Adjusted the time limit expiration for Red Baron gear after challenge has been completed.

Weapon Balancing Updates (Note: Adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants):
HBRa3: max damage range increased [Live]
AE4: reduce recoil, increase number of shots before overheating [Live]
EPM3: reduce recoil [Live]
MK14: reduce recoil [Pending]
Tac-19: max damage range increased, reduced spread when using Gung-Ho [Live]
S-12: increased fire rate, reduced spread when using Gung-Ho [Pending]

Security and Anti-Cheat Updates:
Added security updates and features.

UI Updates:
Fixed a rare issue when Supply Drops would not open.
Adjusted kill feed speed.
Updated base AE4 icon as it was displaying the AE4 Widowmaker weapon.
Updated Playlist Menu.
Fixed issues with localization copy in the in-game store.
Updated sorting of Character Gear within Customization menu.
Adjusted UI of Exo Abilities descriptions for better readability.
Fixed an issue where the default player was not always being displayed properly in the Virtual Lobby.
Fixed a rare issue where the player is unable to sign into their Call of Duty account if connection is interrupted.

Challenge Updates:
Added new Supply Drop Daily Challenges.

Clan Updates:
Added confirmation window when kicking a member from a clan.
Fixed a rare issue where Clan Wars Bonus XP was not being awarded.
Fixed an issue where clan members could see your presence even if you were set to appear offline.

Store Updates:
Fixed various issues with players not having access to the AE4 with the Season Pass.
Fixed an issue where an item was not being marked “Purchased” in the in-game store after installing.
Improvements to the in-game Store UI and purchasing.
Game will no longer prompt a player to install Atlas Gorge if they already have it.

Emblem Updates:
Fixed a rare issue with emblems on a second profile that’s signed in a guest.

Scorestreak Updates:
Removed skull HUD element from System Hack Scorestreak UI effect.
Adjusted the score value the System Hack Scorestreak.
Adjusted the view of the XS1 Vulcan Killcam.
Fixed a rare occurrence of the Goliath Drop Pod getting stuck after colliding with an air-based Scorestreak.
Fixed a rare occurrence of the Orbital Care Package getting stuck after colliding with an air-based Scorestreak.
Fixed a rare issue where a player could become “invisible” when calling in a Scorestreak.
Fixed a rare issue where a players HUD would become blurry when using a co-op Scorestreak.

Broadcaster UI Updates:
Addressed rare issue with eSports Broadcaster HUD disappearing.

Ranked Play Updates:
Addressed issue where Join Session in progress in Ranked Play was still active.
Addressed issue where players were dropping multiple divisions after a match in Ranked Play.
Addressed rare issue with wins counting as losses in Ranked Play.
Adjusted Ranked Play restrictions to include Exo Stim and Exo Cloak.
Improvements to party matchmaking.
Fixed an issue when quitting a match in a promotional game where it wouldn’t update correctly.
Fixed an issue where there was an excessive penalty if a player quits after playing several rounds in a multi-round match.
Added Ranked Play Division icons in-game to replace existing rank icons and text in scoreboard.

Game Mode Specific Updates:
Adjusted various spawning logic for Capture the Flag game mode.
Adjusted various spawning logic for Momentum game mode.
Fixed issue where the CTF flag was unresponsive to players that were on top of the flag when it spawned.
Fixed an issue with the CTF flag not returning if a player was standing on top of the spawn point.
Addressed rare issue where CTF flag was not being returned immediately.
Fixed issues with planting the bomb after attempting to swap weapons in Search and Destroy.
Adjusted dynamic event timing in Search and Destroy & Search and Rescue.
Adjusted various spawning logic for Uplink game mode.
Uplink Satellite Drone now freezes when round timer ends.
Adjusted passing distance for the Uplink Satellite Drone.
Fixed an issue where going out of bounds on certain areas of the map would cause the Uplink Satellite’s physics to behave strangely upon reset.
Randomized loadouts to survivors in Infected.

Map Specific Updates:
Fixed an issue where players were able to exploit certain objects to go Out of Map.
Fixed various Out of Map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
Fixed an issue where the Uplink Satellite Drone could get stuck in blue barrier on the Detroit map.
Adjusted Warbird flight path on Atlas Gorge.

Exo Survival Updates:
Updated various Exo Survival system mechanics.
Fixed a UI issue where the “Reviving” progress bar was not being displayed while under the effects of a “System Hack.”
Fixed problems caused by the player disconnecting the controller before the class selection menu pops up.
AI will no longer target a player while in the class selection menu.

Single Player / Campaign Updates:
Fixed various lighting in the Single Player campaign level, Captured.